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Dallas rally to demand “Close immigrant concentration camps!”

By Staff |
June 30, 2019
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Dallas, TX - Activist groups in Dallas are calling a rally at the Grassy Knoll, 7 p.m., July 2, that will demand the closure of President Trump’s concentration camps where refugees and immigrants are detained. There will be speakers from peace and justice, immigrant, and socialist groups.

“We demand that President Trump close these inhumane concentration camps. The camps are cold, unsafe and dirty. Thousands of children are forced to sleep on the hard concrete floors with no mattress. There is no soap or toothbrushes. Children are dying there!” said Sydney Loving of the North Texas Action Committee.

Loving explains, “We demand freedom for all the people held in immigrant detention. We demand families be reunited now. We demand children be returned to their parents immediately. We say no more deportations of people escaping wars, misery and poverty caused by U.S. policies in their countries.”

This past week, El Salvadoran immigrant Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez and his 23-month-old daughter Angie Valeria, died on the banks of the Rio Grande after drowning while trying to cross. They are direct victims of the chaos and poverty in their country caused by many years of U.S. wars and interference.

“People come to this country, the U.S., because there is no opportunity in our country of El Salvador. This man lost his life, and his daughter’s life, seeking a better life,” said Antonio Herrera of the Monsignor Romero Community Center, a Dallas Catholic community founded by Salvadorans.