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Defending the Venezuelan embassy in Washington DC

Resisting the U.S.-backed Venezuelan coup attempt in belly of the beast
By Nathaniel Wallace |
May 6, 2019
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A supporter of reactionary Venezuelan opposition outside the embassy.
A supporter of reactionary Venezuelan opposition outside the embassy. (Max Blumenthal)

Washington, DC - On May 4, over 100 people came out to support the Embassy Protection Collective that has been inside the Venezuelan embassy, defending it for the past several weeks.

The day also featured a crowd of between 100 and 150 opposition goons. Their numbers grew for a few hours during their opposition-organized outdoor concert. These are people who make no secret of their desire for their own country to be the target of a U.S. invasion.

Inside the embassy, the protectors have ranged in numbers from between 20 and 50 people over the course of the past two weeks. They are living there with the support of Venezuela’s rightful and democratically elected government headed by President Nicolas Maduro.

For close to a week now, the embassy protectors have remained inside and held off coup leader Juan Guaido’s forces in Washington. The activists inside and outside of the embassy continue to put up with vile racist, homophobic, misogynist and transphobic speech directed at them by the Washington-aligned opposition members. The opposition has employed siege-like tactics designed to starve the protectors out and enable U.S. puppet president Juan Guaido’s fake ambassador, Carlos Vecchio, to take control of the embassy in D.C.’s posh Georgetown neighborhood.

Anya Parampil, of the Grayzone news website, has been inside the embassy now for the past week as embedded media and tells Fight Back! that the embassy protectors “are only emboldened by the opposition’s hatred and violent behavior.”

Parampil states their “resolve is only getting stronger with each passing day, despite the hardships the opposition’s been able to inflict with the help of U.S. Secret Service and complicity of D.C. Metro Police.”

The Embassy Protectors are asking for people to join forces and help them keep the Venezuelan embassy safe. They’re also asking for help to bring food and basic hygiene products into the building, as the opposition has attacked people attempting to enter the embassy. If you would like to follow and support the Embassy Protectors, please follow their page here: