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Yemen steps up resistance to Saudi/U.S. attacks

Scud missile launched against Saudi airbase
By staff |
June 7, 2015
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Washington, D.C. – In the context of a Saudi massive bombing campaign, the Army of Yemen, with the backing of Popular Committees, struck back by launching a scud missile at the Prince Khaled airbase, located in the southwestern Saudi city of Khamees Mushait. The government of Saudi Arabia says that the missile was shot down with its U.S.-supplied Patriot missile system.

Throughout the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is fighting against progressive and national democratic forces. In addition to the Saudi war on Yemen, the government of Saudi Arabia is suppressing the popular democratic movement in Bahrain – home to a major U.S. naval base - and is a major backer of the terrorists who are attacking the government of Syria.

According to widespread press reports in the Middle East, meetings are taking place between the governments of Israel and Saudi Arabia for the purpose of coordinating their common opposition to Iran.

Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest arms importer, with many of its purchases of sophisticated weapons systems coming from the U.S.