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PFLP: Statement 0n the 67th anniversary of Nakba

Statement by staff |
May 17, 2015
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Fight Back! News Service is circulating the following statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

On the 67th anniversary of Nakba, we reject the colonization of Palestine and uphold our national and historic rights

Today we mark 67 years on the great crime of the modern era, when the Zionist gangs in full view of the world uprooted the Palestinian people from their ancestral homeland to impose a state of oppression, racism and colonization on the ruins of the Palestinian homeland. From that day until today, our people continue to uphold their historic rights and the justice of their cause, rejecting all forms of compromises and deals that seek to legitimize occupation and confiscate the rights of our people to freedom, return and independence.

Over 67 years, the Zionist project has attempted to obliterate Palestinian Arab identity and falsify facts and history, supported by US imperialism and the forces of injustice and aggression on the political, military, economic, and media fields. However, the reality of our history is of the continuous struggle of our people against the Zionist invasion, blocking attempts to destroy Palestinian Arab consciousness and impose a false history, and preserving our rights to all of Palestine in the minds and hearts of our people from generation to generation, despite all of the years passed since the Nakba and despite our displacement in all corners of the world.

This year, Nakba Day comes in the light of several developments experienced by the Palestinian people and the Palestinian national liberation movement. The Gaza Strip is subjected to brutal siege and aggression by the racist, fascist state that has not ceased since its inception to commit such attacks as part and parcel of the Zionist settler colonial project in Palestine; the aggression and war crimes which targeted all of our people in the strip, leaving thousands dead, thousands more wounded and displaced persons, and destroyed homes. These crimes cannot be separated from the ongoing attacks on our people in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, and the racist practices of the occupation attacking the political, economic and social rights of our people in 1948 occupied Palestine, nor the ongoing siege ad suffering experienced by our people since the Nakba in refugee camps and in diaspora, who are facing new attacks and projects seeking to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

This anniversary also comes at a time of continued division, fragmentation and confusion on the Palestinian political scene, with all of the concomitant risks to our liberation movement, and which exacerbates the suffering of our people and weakens their ability to resist and struggle as parties to division hold the interests of our people secondary to factional interests. The Arab nation is also facing severe internal conflicts in some countries, and there are plans to divide the region and utilize conflicts and division by the enemy in order to strengthen the Zionist settler colonial proect through the Judaization of Jerusalem, accelerating the settlement projects, the systematic attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque and the mass arrests targeting Palestinians of Jerusalem, while attempting to define itself internationally as a “Jewish state” while tightening the siege on Gaza, disrupting and preventing reconstruction.

On the 67th anniversary of the Nakba, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine emphasizes:

First, we fully reject the results of the Nakba and insist on the implementation of our full historical rights to liberation and return on the entire land of Palestine;

Second, we uphold the right of return, of self-determination and establishing our independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and reject and resist any and all attempts to limit or modify the right of return as the core of the Palestinian cause and a right recognized fully in international legitimacy and the bridge to liberation and the historical rights of our people in Palestine;

Third, we reject and resist liquidationist political projects aimed at undermining our national liberation movement and reject the approach of negotiations which has led to nothing but the weakening of our movement and cause at regional and international levels. We refuse all attempts to return to negotiations. It is important to continue to demand international action on Palestinian rights and the binding implementation of Palestinian rights and relevant United Nations resolutions;

Fourth, the acceleration of national reconciliation and ending the division is important to restore national unity and to strengthen the steadfastness of our people to confront the Zionist project, based on a comprehensive national strategy of resistance and political and organizational national partnership.

Fifth, the growing international boycott movement in solidarity with the Palestinian people’s liberation struggle as well as the efforts to support Palestinian rights and full representation in the United Nations is critical in building an international isolation of the occupier and holding its leaders accountable. It is critical to take the battle to the International Criminal Court, as the political and legal battle must be fought against the occupier, without accepting any limitation or undermining of the full right of our people to resist colonialism and occupation with all forms of resistance, including and particularly armed struggle, as a legitimate right that is upheld in international law.

Sixth, the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) must assume its responsibilities to provide all services to Palestinian refugees wherever they are as an international body set up for this purpose. Palestinian refugees must not receive reduced services under any justification or excuse so long as they are refugees and have not returned to their homeland.

On the anniversary of the Nakba, we salute our people in occupied Palestine ’48 who persevere and resist displacement and expulsion today; our people in the refugee camps and everywhere in diaspora in particular our people in Yarmouk refugee camp exposed today to criminal attacks by armed groups; we salute the martyrs of the Arab nation who fell to liberate the land and people of Palestine and all of our people who have sacrificed their lives for our rights; we salute our prisoners of freedom who sacrifice for all of our freedom.