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‘Blacksgiving’ gathering at Minneapolis Fourth Police Precinct occupation demands justice for Jamar Clark

By staff |
November 26, 2015
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'Blacksgiving’ gathering at Minneapolis Fourth Police Precinct occupation
'Blacksgiving’ gathering at Minneapolis Fourth Police Precinct occupation (Photo by Kim DeFranco)

Minneapolis, MN - On Thanksgiving, Nov. 26, the round-the-clock occupation outside the Fourth Police Precinct in North Minneapolis continued demanding justice for Jamar Clark, the Black man killed by Minneapolis police on November 15.

Hundreds of people came throughout the day to support and join the Black Lives Matter occupation, as supporters brought massive amounts of home-cooked food that filled an extended tent that covered half a block.

Throughout the day, people gathered around the now iconic fire pits and tents that have been blocking an entire block of Plymouth Avenue - a major Minneapolis street - for well over a week now, as well as covering the front yard of the Fourth Precinct. There were speakers, prayers, singing, dancing, discussion and a whole lot of food.

The #Blacksgiving gathering crystallized a spirit of community building after a week of sharp struggle. On Monday, Nov. 23, armed white supremacists infiltrated the occupation, then, when they were discovered and escorted away, they shot five Black Lives Matter protesters. This white supremacist attack provoked a massive, defiant outpouring of support for the movement for Justice for Jamar. On Nov. 24, thousands marched from the Fourth Precinct to City Hall and there were walkouts at several high schools around the city and at the University of Minnesota. Solidarity marches also happened Nov. 25 in cities around the country, including New York, Tampa, Houston, and more.