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Reid ‘confident’ of Senate vote on Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) this week

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March 31, 2014
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Washington, DC – In a press statement, March 31, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said, “Notwithstanding this opposition to extending unemployment benefits I am confident we will pass this bipartisan legislation here in the Senate this week. Once passed, the matter is then in the hands of the Republicans who control the House of Representatives.”

The Senate measure would reinstate jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed and includes retroactive payments.

The cut of long-term jobless benefits at the end of last year has impacted nearly more than 2 million workers. Many are losing their homes and face car repossessions and utility shut offs.

Many Republican politicians assert that the unemployed are the cause of high unemployment rates. Congressional Democrats failed the unemployed when they did not insist that Extended Unemployment Compensation was included in the December 2013 budget accord.


Lady J wrote 1 year 41 weeks ago

God is in control.

We the people that are currently unemployed must trust,believe and pray to our Father God. Do not look for help by way of man! Ask for Unemployment extension through man by Gods will. I KNOW how stressful not having money to live on earth.Please take this time to know God and seek his guidance now and after the extension is passed. We need him in all factors of our daily lives.He his gives us strength,lessons to learn,gifts to use,and loves us.Repent of any sins.He will forgive us. I have no job today. I am certain I will be placed where I am suppose to be to use my fulfilled,finances restored abundantly,enjoying life with family and true friendships. I HAVE GODS ENDURING LOVE.I and let us all claim what is for us . AMEN

Lady J wrote 1 year 41 weeks ago

God is in control.

We the people that are currently unemployed must trust,believe and pray to our Father God. Do not look for help by way of man! Ask for Unemployment extension through man by Gods will. I KNOW how stressful not having money to live on earth.Please take this time to know God and seek his guidance now and after the extension is passed. We need him in all factors of our daily lives.He his gives us strength,lessons to learn,gifts to use,and loves us.Repent of any sins.He will forgive us. I have no job today. I am certain I will be placed where I am suppose to be to use my fulfilled,finances restored abundantly,enjoying life with family and true friendships. I HAVE GODS ENDURING LOVE.I and let us all claim what is for us . AMEN

KarmicKaos wrote 1 year 41 weeks ago


My second comment:
I just read the prayer our Honorable Veteran wrote. That was beautiful and just what I needed at this very moment.

Thank you!

KarmicKaos wrote 1 year 41 weeks ago

To our Veteran whom I thank and appreciate his HONESTY

Beautifully articulated. I am one of those mothers with a teenage son. I have a degree and still can find nothing. I believe I have used every employee search engine there is, I get up in the morning and start the application process again. Everyday, all day. Since August, 2014. The company I worked was breaking federal laws, I could not participate and was told to "leave". They told me that they were "restructuring" and off I went. Our healthcare is so overwhelmingly fraudulent that if the average person knew what hands they are "really" in you would get yourself some kind of nurse advocate to be by your side or you take your life into your hands.
So here I sit. I use a heating pad for my right arm and back from applying in the same position for hours. It's stress as well. I cannot stop either, nor would I. It's not in my nature and I see it isn't in yours. But it sure can get very frustrating.
These people who are supposed to look out for us are beyond out of touch. They have no idea what we are suffering. I believe many are so far beyond that many of our elected officials are sociopaths. No empathy, no regard, no nothing. All of us have paid into unemployment all our working life and now they say "no". Really? There was an article I read the other day. There was some kind of engineering job posted online. This company received over 29,000 applications and NOT ONE GOT HIRED. There you have it. These companies can line up all of our information and comparatively shop. Depending on many things they certainly would not admit, they pick and choose or choose none. This is horrific. I know many ask for an SS# which I never give online. Many do credit checks and the last time I checked it wasn't good. How can it be.
We all need to speak this together. To sign a Petition. To get our stories out there. The familes, the children even our animals are all affected by our hardship. You must hold on tight to your dignity. It's hard sometimes not to feel "out of the loop", a spectator.
I will not give up either as our veteran stated so wonderfully. I think we need a collective voice. It would be wonderful if media outlets took an interest in this. Look how many of us have been in this position far too long. I lost my job through absolutely NO fault of my own and I have NEVER stopped applying for jobs. There are 100s of applications!!! Tell me WHAT DO WE DO?

So for all of you that we the constituents have voted into the chair you sit, you better honor that. We will vote for very tight term limits and vote all of you out. I'd sooner see one of our unemployed take your position. That is a start.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 41 weeks ago



Patriotic Honorable Veteran Part 2- Washington, DC wrote 1 year 42 weeks ago

Patriotic Veteran - WE THE PEOPLE Part 2

I would like to thank everyone for their kind words. I am with you and I understand your pain, because I have this same pain everyday. But - I refuse to let it get me down. Now - where are we with EUC. Well, the Senate finally passed the bill a few days ago to extend EUC and it now rest with Speaker Boehner in the House of Representatives. He has stated that it is unworkable. He has stated that it would be to cumbersome to retroactively pay back to Decemeber 28, all the myrid folks that are unemployed. He has stated that their are real issues with fraud and abuse of funds that could happen because the states cannot, within a reasonable time frame, address who, what, where, when and how much everybody should get. Secretary Perez says it is do-able, we have done this before and the resources would be put in place to facilitate this.
Ok - so where does that leave us.
Let me you you guys something. I am an Honorably Discharged Veteran and former Federal Police Sergeant and I left the force years ago because of the politics and bureacracy.
Now - to the polictics. Here is the sad state of affairs in regards to the EUC "possible" extension. When it comes to politics, everything is talking points, everything is propaganda and everything is gamesmanship. The process to get emergency unemployment extension through the Senate was admirable, but they KNEW that the Speaker Boehner and the House would not put up this Bill for an UP or DOWN vote as it is. They knew this and sent it anyway, because midterm elections are coming up and it makes certain senators look good as a talking point that they supported this bill (both parties).
So, why?....ok, did you notice that the Bill took so long to make it for a vote in the Senate and that they didn't pass it through until 3 days before the whole of Congress goes on a 2 week recess starting April 10, 2014. Did you notice that Congress will not be back until about the end of April. Did you notice that the EUC Senate Bill only pays until the end of April (retroactive from Dec 28, 2013).
So, why would the Speaker even consider bringing this Bill to the House's floor for a vote on EUC when they get back from 2 week recess. Well, they won't, and here is why:
Why would the Speaker logically (IN HIS MIND) pay out this one time benefit that once it gets voted on will already be at the end of its life. What happens once everybody gets 2, 3, 4 or 5 months of back pay (depending on when your unemployment ran out) and then we are back to square one with US (long-term unemployed) and the OTHERS (newly thousands of unemployed that are losing benefits on weekly basis and joing US). The new OTHERS, depending on when their unemployment runs out, will be cut short too. If your regular unemployment runs out - say - on April 15, then if this Bill in its current form passes, that person would get 2 weeks of benefits and then THAT'S IT - Your Finished. Now, the possible new "BUZZ" from supporting politicians is that, "Well, I really want this bill to pass, but if we can't get the retroactive backpay to December 28, then "maybe", we just start the benefits now (present day to whenever it will possibly pass the House), that is better than nothing".
What does that mean? - It means that US (long term unemployed) will not receive any back-pay and we would have to re-apply for EUC which would start when the Bill passes the House (with amendments) that have to go back to the Senate (which will most likely pass).
Do I think that this Bill will pass, NO. The timing is very suspious - In fact, extremely suspect. The Senate are playing high politics and it is not helping US and the new OTHERS. The House is playing high politics and we suffer as they parley.
The Senate Bill went through so that gives us hope, but that means nothing if it doesn't PASS.
Why send something that cannot pass? - Well, everybody has a stake in the wording, writing, political overtones and meat in the Bill. The Bill wasn't sent to the House to PASS, it was sent as a political statement.
As we watch Congress go on another Recess, we are sitting here holding the empty bucket.
I am pessimistic because I follow all of the intrigues of politics and I see the end game. But I am optomistic that our Congressional represenatives will understand that no matter how politically sensitive they feel they are to voting agaisnt this Bill or any subsequent amended bill, that they would search their hearts and see the pain we are going through.
It is not US and the new OTHERS that are hurting. We hear about the 2.3 million people that have lost this safety net, but what is not metioned are the 1 million others that are affected. Who are the 1 Million other poeple I am talking about. Think about the Mother with 4 kids and no husband, or the Grandmother supporting her unemployed sons and daughters, or the Husband and Wife who cannot keep their home for their 2 kids. We may be 2.3 million, but OUR FAMALIES are affected by this, OUR COMMUNITIES are affected by this and OUR DIGNITY is affected by this.
So, let's edge that number of 2.3 million Americans (Oh- let me state that again - Americans) to about 2.3 Million Affected and 1 Million In-Directly Affected and add the few Millions of dollars not going back into our local Communities. Add the overwhelmed homeless shelters, Add the Debts mounting on Mortgages and Car Notes (assuming that you were still able to even save your home or car without paying for it). Add the new burdens (FUNDS) States/Federal budgets are adding to pay for individuals who are using Supplemental Food Assistance Program (SNAP- Food Stamps). Add the healthcare related issues we are getting due to the prevaling sense of doom that goes with catastrophic negative life issues this has thrust upon us. Add the numerous burdens that are being placed on our families due to our inability to handle our MOST BASIC NEEDS.

I apologize if I sound too morose, but these ARE THE FACTS.
As a Veteran, we were taught to NEVER LEAVE A VETERAN BEHIND. Why that does not apply to ALL Americans is not something that I want to broad on.

Ok, well, that is all for me. I have to get back to my job searching. I applied to 9 jobs on April 6 and 5 jobs on April 7 and 3 jobs yesterday. I will NEVER stop looking and NEVER give up. I have too many responsiblities and I am a PROUD VETERAN and a PROUD AMERICAN.
Congress - I deplore you. Do not forget your people. Because WE THE PEOPLE ARE PROUD AMERICANS.
WE THE PEOPLE are Hard Workers.
WE THE PEOPLE are Caring Mothers and Fathers.
WE THE PEOPLE are Dedicated Tax paying Citizens.
WE THE PEOPLE believe in this Country.
WE THE PEOPLE are Hurting

My fellow Americans - Stay Strong- Stay Positive and Stay Sane. We will overcome this.
Ok.....back to my job searching.


Patriotic Veteran

holly wrote 1 year 43 weeks ago


I agree with you all the way the paragraph vet unemployed. You say everything I want to say. I pray everyday, I'm a business owner closed by new laws in georgia in 2012. I've lost everything my business made for my family and I. I use to be able to hand out money and items everywhere I saw a hand. Now I hold a hand out and no one can help. I never dream of being here like this. I lost my dream home to live in a weekly hotel. I can't get a job I think cause the fact I was a business owner and others look at me as over quailified. I just want to work, the pay don't matter at this moment. But no one will give me a chance. I'm so sorry to hear our vets are going through this debate and proverty too. Everyone desereves better exspecially if you put your life on the line. The house is responsible for all this caos. Now north carolina is saying don't extend euc. Well not all of us have a casino to bring in money. Some states are poor compared to others. Good luck to all and always remember who you are and no one can take that away. God bless!!!

not happy wrote 1 year 43 weeks ago

unemployment extensions

I'm a republican and I have a great job but I got laid off till May I support6 people and I'm really disappointed in my party for stalling this ext we extension there are people starving and I see it first hand and not everybody on unemployment are lazy but in my town and area they rely on tourism season to survive this was a tuff winter records were set for the cold and the snow the senate needs to get off there butts and get this passed people including me paid higher utilities prices this year and are now facing shut offs there . Is still 2ft of snow on the ground GOD has given your position in office and he can take it away so do what a t he ask and get this passed. Ps all you out there struggling your in my prayers. GOD BLESS

Michelle Flowers wrote 1 year 43 weeks ago

unemployment extension

It kills me to read all of these comments. My boyfriend of 8 years has been laid off like the rest of u and we struggle every day wondering when our electric will be shut off if we are going to eat we can't pay our rent nothing! every single day wondering where we are getting money to pay our bills. Our utility company tells us to borrow the money how can we "borrow" money if we can't pay it back. Our country has the money to help Ukraine but can't help its OWN people...2 million ppl have no money to pay for anything but we can send money to other countries!! What is wrong with this picture...My boyfriend and I fight all the time and its over money he is so on edge. This is so new to him he has worked since he was 15. Wake up government think about your own people before u help other countries...Come walk in our shoes for a day! You wouldn't survive...I pray that this shall pass everyday but my prayers aren't being answered.

Georgia Peach wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

Wake Up! Mr. President!

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, The very same people who listened and voted you into the presidency in 2008 and 2012 are now watching but hurting in 2014. While you are waking up, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, working and laughing, signing bills for the Ukraine, and minimum wage, while FLOTUS and the kids are touring China, they are millions of people who are waking up on the street, in their cars, in shelters, not having enough to eat and constantly worrying, can't find jobs to even get the minimum wage which is being given. When are you going to use those beautiful pens which are given away whenever you sign a bill, going to be used to sign an Executive Order and restore EUC.
Conscience! Conscience! God cannot be mocked! Do right by your fellow citizens!

Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago


I think post no. 1 should be elected as a senator. The true story could not have been told any bettet. Unemployed since june 7 2013, euc benefits paid childsupport and now with no benefits, state is threatening to pull my liscense resulting in eliminating me from any workforce. I can get a cdl liscense through a school locally in 4 weeks and the school has a 100% job placement. I have $0 since the end of december so i cant even afford gas to travel 13 miles to school. How messed up is that, congressmen. I am trying to get aid for schooling with no result yet. How many congressmen actually walk to work? EXTEND THE BENEFITS, help americans get jobs, that will only result in support for each one of you congressmen come re-election. As post no. 1 said, we the people, we are the ones with the final decision if you are re-elected.

Richard wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago


67 years old and out of work for the first time in my life. Former business owner who lost everything during the 2008-> economic debacle. My wife and I find ourselves in dire straits without these benefits. Seven days a week I send resumes and applications looking for employment. Don't say to my face that I'm a deadbeat who doesn't want to work. Let Congress do the right thing and restore the benefits we earned through blood, sweat and tears. Take care of those who CAN'T take care of themselves and tell all of those who WON'T take care of themselves to pay their dues before reaping the benefits of everyone who honorably contributed.

HONORABLE VETERAN - WASH, DC wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

Patriotic Veteran and Unemployed

Dear Politicians (Democrat and Republican) - I served this country honorably. I am 45 years old. I have worked at several federal government agencies over the years (federal employee & consulting). WE - The People - are very hard workers. We- The People - Deserve representation in Congress that is For The People and By the People.
You sit in your seat of Power - which it is and forget - You Forget the hard work that We The People have done to maintain the Freedom this country enjoys. I may be a unemployed Veteran, one of 210,000 Veterans that have lost their dignity due to your inaction on EUC. And the other folks that are losing or have lost their pride, dignity, home and cars. You - the Congressional representatives forget that you suppose to keep the promises that we put you in office for. As a Veteran, I had to follow orders from my superiors (My Boss). WELL - guess what.....WE ARE YOUR SUPERIORS - We The People. We voted you in office, then once you get into office, you forget. We are your BOSSES - We The People. You are not listening to us. We voted you in so it is beholden on you to take care of your people. Senators have 4 year public service term and House of Representive members have 2 years. So, we know that you are beholden to special interest groups; we know that that is part of the Political Gamesmanship; we know that the EUC is only a blip on the legislative radar. We Know, we know....
But it is something worth fighting for. Veterans, veterans family members, civilian unemployed workers that are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, wives and husbands.
You are depleting the hope, aspirations, pride of 2 million plus people.
What do you care?. Why is it important?. Why should it matter?.
You should care because we are Americans - Hard working Americans!. That is why it is important. That is why this should matter to you.
Politics aside - this is killing us. We need help. We are not begging for help. We earned this, we worked for this, some of us FOUGHT for this. Families have sacrificed for this.
That is why you should care and why this is so important and why it matters so much.

We know you have busy jobs, we know that their are 1000 votes on other things, domestically and internationally. We understand. But there is NO EXCUSE for not fast tracking this for the Millions of Americans and Thousands more that are losing their Unemployment Benefits DAILY.

Find the political will to act. Yes, we understand that there is a process to how votes in the Senate have to happen, Yes we understand that each political party is attempting to put Add-Ons and Amendments to link to passing this Bill.....OK - we understand.....But Dammit!!! are hurting US. We the People. We the People.

Personally- I worked as a Consultant for the Federal Government and was terminated falsely from my position. I had an Unemployment Appeal hearing and it was deemed that I was let go falsely and I was awarded Unemployment benefits. Before my job consulting - I worked 2 jobs at the same time- one was a full-time with Autistic young adults mon-fri day shift and I worked every other weekend with developmentally disabled adults sat/sun 8am to 12am (32 hrs in 2 days). Well, on my full-time job my record was 95.25 hours overtime in 2 weeks, my average was 30-45 hrs overtime every 2 weeks. I am a HARD WORKER.
I have 1 inch of papers that I have next to my computer of jobs I have applied to. each sheet of paper is listed about 6-9 jobs. I have averaged applying for about 15 jobs per week which is about 60 jobs per month and I have been unemployed since March 2013, so I have applied to about 500 jobs.
I choose to do the webcert because I want documentation with the Virginia Unemployment Commission to show I did my searches in detail. I get name of perspective employers, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, their suite number, etc.
I I have been on 8 interviews in the last 3 months. I interviewed for 3 private sector entities and 3 federal government jobs and 2 federal consulting jobs. I am awaiting to hear from 3 of them now. Will I be gainful employed with my pride intact in the next month?.....Hopefully, but no matter how qualified I am, there is always someone that may just get that edge on you and get that job that you want so bad. I understand - God bless them....somebody has to get the job. I just keep trying and pray that I will get the next one that I feel would be a great career for me.

Folks: Do not let anybody tell you that you are lazy and do not deserve to be helped. Remember - WE THE PEOPLE are their BOSSES. Do not complain when something affects you if you do not vote. Now, what is my political affliation?.....Doesn't matter. I am a Veteran that believes in this experiment called the United States of America. I believe in our elected officials and I understand the political intrigues that they must go through....BUT - I also understand that in the USA - we suppose to look out for our MOST VULNERABLE citizens and We The People - going through this hard time need Our Representatives - that's right OUR Reps to start Representing!!!!!.

So - where are we now. Still in Limbo - Congress starting another recess April 10 - No progress....what to do?......I PRAY - for a living wage job, for the opportunity to go on interviews, for my/our representatives to really have passion in the causes that are so immediately detrimental for folks due to inaction (EUC), for the blessings of family that have helped me through this hard time, for the many other hard-working unemployed workers that are suffering more than me, hurting families, disgruntled hearts and minds, for my Veteran Brothers/Sisters for Life - Thank you for your Service - and I wish Congress would remember Our sacrifices and that they would sacrifice their political egos and Pass EUC.
Ok, so, we know the current agreement is only extending EUC until June (be for 5 months, including back pay). Ok, we realize it will be hard for the different states to implement initially due to trying to figure out who is still filing weekly certs for unemployment benefits. Ok, we know there are some hurdles. OK....So WHAT - we are the United States of America and since when has implementing a program this small been such a daunting task. DOL Labor Secretary Perez said it is do-able....let's DO IT.
Ok, I understand that we need job creating measures- ok, Democrats and Republicans - each of you know what the other side will or won't except. So, send the bill up that can pass. Oh, sorry, I forgot - this is election season -Mid-Terms coming up for alot of you guys in November - Ummmmm, ok, how bad would it look to tell your Constituents that Vote for You - ""Hey, I know the EUC plan may not have been as fiscally responsible in regards to job creating measures that are not included, but we had to do something because my people I represent are hurting, losing their cars, homes, dignity and pride"". OR - ""Hey, we wanted a clean bill that extended EUC but we had to do what we were brought here to do, which is compromise, so we gave the other side a provision on the medical device tax and in-turn we were able to extend EUC for 1 years and not just 5 months""".
That is what compromise should be. Give some, Take some - BUT DAMMIT GET THE JOB DONE!!!


I want to close with a prayer for all of you suffering. " GOD (or whatever your spiritual higher power is) - I pray for your deliverance in helping your struggling people. I pray for understanding from our elected officials. I pray for all that are earnestly looking for work and that we do not get disheartened in our search. We pray for happiness in knowing that what we worked so hard for will not be forgotten. We know you are listening and we know that you care. We pray that your light can shine on us all. That we may see life in a positive light and not be burdened by our depression and stress about things that it seems we cannot control. I pray this message of hope to all.
God Bless. Amen

Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago


I CAN NOT READ THESE ANY MORE OR BEAT MYSELF UP MENTALLY FROM THIS HOSTAGE SITUATION. DOES BONE HEAD B------ THINK WE WILL GET Stockholm Syndrome and love him if he should help now. This is time for evaluation of traumatic stress imposed by those supposed to be serving us AND FILE FOR PTSD It seems the only thing this gov understands is if they can help somewhere else it is their human responsibility but that is like adopting children when your own
children's needs are not met.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

It seems that everyone is

It seems that everyone is failing to realize that we are all in this mess to begin with because the democrats didn't add the extension to the budget accord in 2013 so put the blame on both sides not just one they are all politicians and in it for themselves doesn't matter democrat or republican come on sheeple .

John wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago


I worked for 40 years and paid my taxes and I can't
get any compensation because it started for me in January and there was no more EUC but we have billions
for other countries, I don't get it how we have people that don't even have homes or food because they don't have an address.

John wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago


I worked for 40 years and paid my taxes and I can't
get any compensation because it started for me in January and there was no more EUC but we have billions
for other countries, I don't get it how we have people that don't even have homes or food because they don't have an address.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago


I don't understand how anyone calls the unemployed lazy I have called every possible job in my area only to hear we are not hiring , be told that the man who is supposed to hire me is at a baseball game and to call back some other day to which they continue with another excuse , or I'm told I will get a call back later to which I never receive a reply. I served five years honorably in the marines came home to a state that talks themselves up about how they will hire vets immediately and obviously are not doing so to hear I'm lazy when I'm doing more work to get the job then the people who are supposed to be hiring me by someone who makes six figures a year to sit on his ass and complain, only work a few days out of the week , and continue to take multiple days of vacation for every "holiday" they feel necessary in unreal. The American people are ruled by the selfish people who would rather leave them in the dark to whatever money wolves are licking their chops hoping for us to trip up rather then consider the impact it will have on us, our families who we are also trying to support, and obviously the huge amount of stress we feel trying to figure out how to pay our ways to just survive. I am embarrassed to have fought in foreign lands to have the same government ignore it's own people.
Semper fi

Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago


The republican's have ben given to much power!! But what they need to worry about is the November elections are coming up. I will make sure any votes are to get them out of office. The USA, needs leaders not greedy self absorbed Morons.....When you go against your own people it is clear they need to be removed. We have enough corruption and most of it is in the Gop. What goes around will come around. And to have the satisfaction watching these idiots go with out is my dream come true trust me!!!!

Anonymous2014 wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

Talk about "takers"

The problem is that these Republicans have been at the public trough WAY too long and have absolutely no idea how long it takes to replace a job in this economy. Ever notice how they LOVE the private sector but refuse to get their butts into it . Go look at their bios (posted on their websites). Very few of these guys ever had a REAL job. Hmm, wonder why that is? THEY are the takers, not the unemployed.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

EUC and Worker Retraining

Seldom is there any mention made of those have chosen to taken on even more expense while unemployed to retrain in a field that needs workers. EUC has helped pay the mortgage while I return to school so I can once again get a job and pay taxes. Without the EUC I am forced to incur even more debt to finish the retraining. That, dear politicians is not sitting on my ass.
As we know, some Republicans have framed the long-term unemployed as lazy in an attempt to villainize their target group. Cognitive biases influence humans to vilify and denigrate those who may not be in the same situation as them, especially when it is something that they fear, or think could not happen to them. The Republican emphasis on there being a problem with the unemployed's character is a lie used as a well-crafted smokescreen to reinforce the Republican'e faulty stance that unemployment is no longer needed. It's pure manipulation at the expense of those who ironically pay the politician's salaries and give them the power to make decisions that do not support the good of the country.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

"It's too late to extend EUC" ---- really?

I simply don't understand the thought process of the arrogant people in both parties. Shame on the Democrats for not including the unemployment benefits in the Budget that they put thru at the end of 2012. Shame on the Republicans for being......well for being Republicans. Boehner simply has no sense of reality.

However, my biggest problem with this whole flipping process is the statement from the House GOP the other day saying that it is "too late to extend EUC". Come again?!?!?! How many times have they gone on recess this year? They can pass legislation to help the people and government of Ukraine but the hell with our own citizens who elected us to office. I guess it is my fault for voting for all you schmucks and putting you into your positions but seriously, someone needs to explain their need to go play in "recess". How about sit your butt's in your seats, figure out how to pass the EUC and then go play hopscotch on the playground during your precious recess!!

It's too late because you took too much time for recess; you arrogant people! I'm simply flabbergasted!!!

Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

This is Ridiculous!! Do Something Now!!!!

I agree with the first post. United States Government officials have spent billions of dollars helping rebuild other countries and on ridiculous projects. What about the people living her in the United States that are struggling. My friend whom is a single parent of two children was laid off her job of 15 years. She has a college degree in Accounting and is having trouble find work. She was apart of that group that lost their unemployment in December. As of today she has lost her car, her home is in foreclosure and barely feeding her children. Her credit has gone to hell, from a 820 to a 415. PLEASE PLEASE DO SOMETHING. OUR PEOPLE ARE IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP!!

James w. Medina wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

Help the help

Let's not forget to support the republicans who reach across the aisle to help us. Record the name of all the republicans who support the bill. Vote for them. Encourage others to vote for them in upcoming elections. Hardcore extremists of both sides are the cause of nothing getting done in this country.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

I was wrongfully terminated

I was wrongfully terminated from my job 14 months ago that afforded me a middle class life. I was a professional in the medical field and have applied to over 100 hospitals across the country. To this day, I am still without a job. My extended unemployment benefits were cut on 12/28/13. I have had no income since. My car was repossessed last year. I just applied for medicaid and food stamps. I also suffer from a genetic neurological disease and have to take potent drugs to try to control it. I need help before I go under and not surface.

Of course, no politician is going to help me.. I cannot contribute to their campaign funds.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago


Its a shame how this government is acting. We (USA) can spend 2 or more million dollars to help look for a plane that's been gone for over 3 or more weeks to help a government who's priorities are backward not being straight forward . But On the other hand, we (USA) can not help the more than 2 million people in our own country who's suffering 1) because they cut benefits and 2) for every job posting there's 10 to 20 people to content with. I say like someone said in a previous posting. PASS THE BILL!!!! to folk a chance. Create more job so that we (USA) don't have 20 people contenting for one job.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

u know u people r being 2

u know u people r being 2 nice,these aholes need a swift kick in th butt provervial butt kicking.out back of th wood shed.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago


This is ridiculous. The Dems n Repubs do not care about their fellow Americans. I am One of the many Long term unemployed. Why do they even bother putting this Bill forward When we all know Speaker Boehner n his group are not in the least interested in passing this Bill. I for One am tired of the Same old bs, fed up, broke & disillusioned about my future. This is no way to live. Where do either party extend themselves to help everyday working middle class Americans, truth is plain to see, the Senate thinks they aredoing us a favor but yet there is no job Bill or job Creation in said Bill, that Mr Boehner insisted be included & even if it was, he would find some other way to twist the truth n not extend these benifits, business as usual in Washington. Where is the decency of these elected officials WHO are supposed to help their own When in need? This all polítical posturing & who is gonna come out on top in November.
Sad but True

Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

extended unemployment benefits


Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

Vote Independent this will break up ALL this Grid lock!

YOU know it is SHAME on them... They are the ones that needs to roll up there sleeves and go to work for the American people. I mean at least they have a JOB, NOW just GET BUSY and go to WORK for us Americans (NOT OTHER COUNTRIES) USA, USA, USA. They need to get this pass short term to give 2-million people help and immediate relief, before they are homeless, Just maybe we all need to Vote Independent, because both sides are fighting against each other for votes, this will break up ALL this Grid lock in Wahington! I said we need to "Break up ALL this grid lock" and even type it in a comment box but when it comes the day to count the votes will we (Americans) get so sick and tired of it all and take action with our pens or punch (chads) the day of election!

Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

unemployment benefits

How can the Republicans say the unemployed are a reason for the high unemployment rate? That's ridiculous!!

The government continues to spend money on foreign affairs but can't come up with an EUC plan for people of this country, who have rightfully earned those benefits ? !!!

O Ramos wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

Grasping the Obvious...

The Article states,
"Many Republican politicians assert that the unemployed are the cause of high unemployment rates."
This guys are really on the ball, aren't they?
Wow...! LMAO!

Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

Unemployment extension

I could not agree more with the comment right before mine. You know unemployment insurance is NOT welfare. All of us pay into it all our working lives. My husband is unemployed, no fault of his own, and paid into this fund for 30 years. He deserves an extension because TODAY it is hard to replace a good job in 26 weeks, Come on Congress. Take care of America FIRST.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago


This is ridiculous! Pass this and help the many American's suffering because of your ignorance! I myself work, but know others that are HURTING because of this! We can save every other country and government around us, but we can't help SAVE our own! That's ridicuolous and crazy! This argument has gone on long what's right. HELP THE AMERICAN people...stop focusing on other things that are not even about our country! WE need to put a stop to that! WORRY about us! NOT everyone else. I'm so irritated with our government. I think you all should be tossed to the streets and be forced to live on what these people who are fighting to even LIVE, have to live on. The constant "delay" of this whole process is now making this almost impossible to pass! YOU should all be ashamed of yourself!! ALL of you!