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Senate clears way to vote on restoring Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC)

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March 27, 2014
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Washington, DC – The Senate cleared the way for a vote on legislation to restore benefits to the long term jobless, March 27. In a 65 to 34 vote, the Senate cleared the procedural hurdles necessary for a debate and vote on a measure to bring back Extended Unemployment Compensation.

While more Republican opposition to unemployment insurance is expected over the next few days, the bill bringing back jobless benefits will likely pass. Five Republican Senators have signed on to measure, giving it the margin it needs to move forward.

The decision to go ahead with Extended Unemployment Compensation came on the heels of the passage of a bipartisan deal to spend $1 billion on the fascists who recently took power in the Ukraine.

The bill extending jobless benefits faces a tough fight in the Republican-dominated House.

The decision by the Democratic leadership to not include Extended Unemployment Compensation in last December's budget agreement gave Republicans the power to block measures to aid the long-term unemployed.


Anonymous wrote 50 weeks 4 days ago


I do not hear anything about EUC! What about the people who have been looking every day for jobs? I see no new jobs and unemployment is low because our benefits ran out! I have no offers after 200 resumes. Most jobs are bogus! I have been working for 43 years to find myself with no job and now losing my home. It's pretty sad that us Americans have to live on the street!

Anonymous - New Jersey wrote 1 year 27 weeks ago


Well....after being laid off in august 2013..working full time for 45 years....sending hundreds of resumes..having 3 interviews..never hearing of nj unemployment benefits ecpiring in march 2014.. no job offers. .......I have gone to social security and have now RETIRED at age 64! I was forced to do this as I had no income. If the EUC had passed I would have gotten the extended time to find a job. So now Mr. BOEHNER I am getting my money back I paid in for so many years. A lot of us baby boomers who find themselves in this position will be forced to do the same. Does that make financial sence?

justme wrote 1 year 27 weeks ago


1st fire John Boehner
2nd congress vote to approve
3 rd Impeach Obama
4th save America from these A wholes that make us hostage

This might only make you feel better wrote 1 year 28 weeks ago

But it won't change a thing

1) Make a new file on your computer
2) Name it "John Boehner".
3) Move it to your trash bin
4) Empty your trash bin
5) Your P.C. Will ask you if you are sure you want to get rid of "John Boehner"?
6) Firmly click yes
7) Feel better now?
At least a little??

Anonymous wrote 1 year 28 weeks ago


I for one will never vote for another Republican as long as i live....and neither will any member of my family or extended family...boner tried to make a name for himself off the the backs of down and out are not king or the president and I'm sick to death that you...are head of that office....karma's a bitch...i hope she stomps a mud-hole in your ass tho you'll probably never read this...just know your not liked....I'm done complaining it does no good....but you can bet your probably gonna lose your job....hope you end up in the same boat as us....the ones you've boned....bohener.

hughtravis wrote 1 year 29 weeks ago

The U.S. unemployment rate is

The U.S. unemployment rate is one of the key indicators of how an economy is performing.
It is cyclical. It is an unpleasant experience for anyone. When you're hunting for a career, you need all of your tools in place to be able to be effective. Hence, it is vital that you avoid these common resume warning signs, as companies will tend to forget about you if any of them appear in the final copy of your CV. Installment loans will help you get by until you get that new job. Unemployment is one of the major problems of all countries all over the world.

Read...just In wrote 1 year 29 weeks ago

This just in- posted today

Posted on | May 5, 2014 | No Comments
Today’s Unemployment Benefit Extension Deal news review and note update today May 5, 2014:
Millions of Americans remain jobless and have exhausted their allotment of long term unemployment benefits. Many have been without this federal lifeline since late December 2013 and the deal to extend jobless benefits for the long term unemployed currently sits in stagnant House waters. Little positive activity has taken place in the House regarding the vote and passage of the bill that was approved by the Senate just weeks ago. House members, including House Speaker John Boehner, remain adamantly against the passage of the deal citing that the deal’s design is not conducive with growing the U.S. economy and producing more job opportunities. Despite the recent drop in the nation’s unemployment rate, which dropped from 6.7 percent to 6.3 percent according to April’s jobs report, the number of people participating in the labor force declined by a greater degree than the number of Americans who increased payrolls by finding new work in April. Unemployment is still needed by so many, but the current deal appears to be dead in the water. It appears likely that the only way an unemployment extension may pass through the House is with legislative amendments which contain pro-job creating language. Most recently, congressman Mike Fitzpatrick introduced legislation that aims to pass the unemployment extension while providing additional job growth potential. Fitzpatrick introduced H.R. 4550 last week which would amend the Senate proposal that sits in the House right now. Millions of Americans will observe closely this week for signs that Boehner and company might approve.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago

Unemployment extension

I agree with whoever said Obama needs to step in! I lost my unemployment and have since been evicted from my home and have been staying place to place with my teenage daughter. It is not the fault of the unemployed what is in place to help us find new jobs but we are the ones suffering!!! We all paid into this! How is this fair or just???!!! I have looked for work non stop! No one paying a low wage wants to employ someone who is used to making much more and there are so many applicants for the descent paying jobs. It's tough! Does our government think we like collecting unemployment when we're used to making so much more?! This is ridiculous! We paid into this and we deserve to be able to support ourselves and our children!!!

Anita King wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago



Anonymous wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago

UI Benefits

It is so sad that Boehner is refusing to pass this. I am so sick of all these sites, it would be GREAT if Boehner read all these, but he is not interested in us at all!! I too paid into UI and the $$ is mine, not there's. I almost don't know what to say anymore. I don't understand WHY Obama has not stepped in!! How can 1 asshole (Boehner) stop this whole thing? Who died and made him god???? I registered to vote for the first time in my life just to vote Boehner out. I hope the other millions do the same. If he is considered a "millionaire", he won't be able to collect UI, wouldn't that be a HOOT and much deserved. I can't stand even looking at his face!!! I hope SOMEONE does something about this idiot.

katherine valentine wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago

emergency unemployment

something needs to be done my son paid all my back bills and did not pay his own bills so that I would not be on the street no.lights,no phone how are we to find jobs especially others who have no one at all living by themselves no food nothing come on, enough of playing with money that we paid into.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago


Just sitting here thinking if they pass benefits or not the damage has been done we still have a voice that can b heard we have managed this far maybe wr can all just move in there back yards shame mr speaker

Ann Marie wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago

EUC Extension

Sorry to be Negative Nellie but Bully Boehner and his cronies will not pass this. Boehner really needs to sit down with some unemployed people and hear their stories. I bet if it was his wife or daughters that would be a different story. Politicans are greedy selfish people and not to be trusted. They have a job with benefits. It has been five months and why is the President not pressing this issue more? They are elected to represent the people, well they are doing a lousy job.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago


Why does the Senate want to lose their job too? In November fire both Congress and the Senate. Only you can prevent capitalism. They all have been given a fluffy job for way to long. If voting we find out in November is a joke than we remove them by a special vote. Best of luck to all.

Sick to death of this situation ! wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago

Unemployment Extension Disgrace !


JRK wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago

Reply to EUC Benefits #34

Your post of a few days ago, which I just read, sent me reeling; It is so similar to what I have been thinking about the past two weeks, as I scrape the last items of any scrape value I have in my life; all that remains is wood, plastic, and clothe, which no one is interested in, not even for free. I inherited a large antique desk from an attorney I worked for who died unexpectedly several years ago and the desk was the envy of all who sat at it. I can't pay someone to take it away now. So I guess I will leave it behind for the loan servicing company to deal with; someone will be very pleased when they see what they got for free! I am following in your footsteps (although not in Texas) no later than two months from now, if not before. I sunk every penny I had saved, received at termination, and then later any excess from weekly benefits into starting a home-based internet business ($30,000), when not state had to perform the sequestration all in one month and my benefits dropped 80% for that month - no warning ... I never recovered completely and have been struggling with all aspects of my life ever since, the business is nary a memory today and there is not one person willing to stand by my side, unlike when I began the venture, I would have to get angry to make them back off so I could work. My boyfriend just left me last Sunday "borrowing" my last $5.00 and a cigarette from my last pack ever; I wish I had quit before now because it is intolerable) said he'd be right back and never returned until yesterday when he snuck up into the driveway to get his car and drive off into the sunset. I read your post and tears flooded out and I had to respond. I don't know how exactly but we (those without supportive people) need to help each other, as we will have this common bond. I can't stop thinking of Woodie Gutherie and his life and how he loved people, good as well as bad, and I just can't muster up that proper attitude for that God-fearing Commandment "to love our neighbor" without conditions, as was once second nature for me.; Your description of what could be next scared the Blue Berries out of me, but I am glad you told it like it is. If I don't focus on serenity I will probably lose my mind. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

Anonymous wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago

unemployment benefits

I have worked straight 37 years of my life without ever being layoff.. I am 56 and was layoff last year. I only got 6 months from the state I live in.. where did the rest of my money paid in unemployment during all these years went?... I should not be begging the congress for what is mine... 37 years of paying unemployment should give more than 6 months of benefits.. they are a bunch of legal thieves. Can not believe people has a bandage in their eyes about what is going on in the congress. At least the democrats always do something for the people, but the republicans are the worst. The scruples of the republican party died when Reagan died. What we had after that is a bunch of thieves lining their pockets with the taxes pay for other services. Why do we have to pay for their health care program or their children schools and countles entitlements they get from us.

JRK wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago


Oh yeah! Where is that "Discharge Petition" that was supposed to be the Hail Mary pass to get around Boehner and put the darn bill to a floor vote post-haste. Does anyone know how the votes tally as of right now, or as it was before Spring Break? That may be a bad idea It seems the more Boehner opens his mouth the more support for passing something increases although diminishing in time and amount, yet improving with the requirement for community service --- GEEZ (last post, I promise)

JRK wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago

EUC debacle

I am not sure I completely understand the problem reinstating this program; I saw a FOX commentary that had a pie-chart to show how much the taxpayers will pay to keep EUC in place this year. At the end of the "presentation" a question appeared asking taxpayers if they felt it was fair to them that long-term unemployed receive those funds. I didn't go back to see what the responses were, but no one ever asked me that question when I paid my taxes that included monies for these types of programs. All I ever heard from the state agency was "employees have no monies withheld from them to fund the program, but rather is paid entirely by the employers based on their employee turn-over"; So which is it? Employer paid or taxpayer paid or both? if both, where the heck is all that money going to? There has to be a surplus of funds sitting somewhere in someone's bank account or someone's sock drawer. Why are they looking ahead to pay for what we need now? Shouldn't it already be there to use for this very purpose. If I am going to pay a tax for something of this nature it sure as hell better be used on what its meant for and not another war chest like social security which NONE OF THEM can keep their hands out of! they need to stop luting from these programs or we need to not fund them. its fraud and no different than Madoff - he went to club fed and those he stole from (mostly elderly) received nothing - jail is not justice for victims, its mercy for the criminal and it doesn't provide any type of compensation to anyone but the prison system. Do Congress/Gov't have the booty safely "socked" away in their proverbial sock drawer? If you add monies from other programs like the veterans, ADA , SS, etc etc -- holy moly - I want to see every govt program's monthly check register/bank statement so they can't just blatantly blind-side long-time taxpayers this way --- way after we paid our pound of flesh to help others when they needed it. Things are only getting worse where I live because 99% of all residents consumed by greed jumped into the construction worm hole dragging the entire economy with it; the result? the 1% who were not fueled by greed could only watch as one-by-one we lost our positions (many long-time) in order to give to the once aspiring wealthy-to-be (but now bankrupt) a fighting chance to survive. Didn't hurt that they were willing to work for substantially less compensation than their predecessors earned and without any tenure, benefits, or expectations of any kind. Where I live, economic recovery is a farce and to the contrary will be the real "Great Depression" and will spread and infect others just like its predecessor. Without EUC my next step is bankruptcy or better yet straight for the grape "Koolaid". I hope the BK Court will let me keep my tent to pitch on land I do not own. What is Congress hoping we will all do without our hard-earned/tax paid safety-net? If it were possible, I would put on a Woody Gutherie album about now! (sorry for rambling on but I'm spittin-mad having barely survived their two week Spring Break (part 1 I'm sure)!!!!)

Anonymous wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago

Go to this FB page that shows a call schedule to house representatives and also how to contact your local senators. We need to continue to be vocal and keep pushing to get this approved!!!!

I am still shocked how our government is allowing this to happen. Just sitting back and playing with Americans lives, taking their time too be forward, taking recesses while Americans are losing their homes, cars, can't feed their families. Shame on you!!!!!

Anonymous wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago

Well I feel violated, like

Well I feel violated, like pawns on a chest board and i'M TIRED of this so called government. As well as offended by being often called lazy by the gop. I have worked all my life and I am working now thankfully though it s a huge paycut. Just went back but I lost so much in those three months of nothing that im barely still standing. If i EVER see bohener I would kick his ass to let him know he is one of us not above us I m ashamed to have people like him represent us in any shape or form

Anonymous wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago

The Senate and House returns

The Senate and House returns tomorrow, I'm praying this gets moved forward quickly and approved. They have had Americans hanging by a string all these months which is a horrible shame.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago

EUC & Boneheads

Great Post "Sick & Tired"! The OVERPAID JERKS will be back to work tomorrow. How much do you want to bet that Boehner & His Boneheads don't even mention EUC. I hope that when Election time comes around, EVERYONE REMEMBERS what these People did to American Families that are struggling to survive and find work. Let's put Boehner on Unemployment & see how he does!!

Anonymous - New Jersey wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago

euc vote

The House of Reps will be back in session tomorrow. They will approve the Euc extension and all willl workout. I am convinced.

Sick and tired wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago


Someone mentioned they could not believe the small amount of comments with so many people out iof work and in need. Well after going on six months of writing and calling and writing and calling after awhile you realize there is not a damn thing you can do but sit and get your chain pulled every time there is a little ray of hope. Majority can't go sit and pull up websites anylonger and basically realized we are all left out here to survive like people in Third World Countires The only difference is that US has no problem making sure they send billions to those people. This is no longer the respectable country it nice was. Our Government is a joke. They don't care about anyone they stood in front of and lied to in order to get the jobs they now hold. I can only hope the next election the people remember all of this and show up. In closing I really don't know if that will even help this country at this point. They will be replaced with new liars that get rich. It's time for their employment packages to be 100% percent re-written. Why should they make the money they do and the benefits they receive after office. They are not royalty. This is money that we should no longer pay or stand for. US can't afford them. And really what do they do do. For that money. This is my opinion of why people have stopped commented or they don't know about the site. Good luck to you all.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago

Proving Age Discrimination

There really is no way to prove age discrimination. I'm 59 and once I removed the year I graduated, I started getting calls because my resume shows I am qualified, but once they see me, I never get calls back. Companies want "young fresh faces" for front desk. They don't owe anybody an explanation as to why you didn't get the job, but after sooooo many rejections I just put two and two together. Some companies now want a "photo" so they can pick and choose. I also see jobs I am qualified for but you MUST SPEAK SPANISH, MANDARIN OR CHINESE!!!!!!!. THAT IS DICRIMINATION. I need a job just as much as they do but lose out because I don't speak the language. I was born and raise in California, I should not have to learn THEIR language to get a job in a state I grew up in. I am hard working, dependable and would be soooo greatful if someone would give me a chance, but they don't.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago


Hi! I'm a 50 year old female living with my sister while my children await for better days back in Michigan. I've been laid off twice since 2010. Last was Sept. 2013 and it took two years to get that job. I went from $23 an hour to $15, to $10. In less than four years. No unemployment since February , just temp to hire job ($10) which took 7 months and a move from Michigan to Texas to get. I know its hard out here and I am praying for each of you. The only thing that helps is my TRUST in GOD!!!!! As you all can see trusting in MAN gets us no where, no job, no money, no home, just no, no, no and no!!!!


Anonymous wrote 1 year 32 weeks ago


Well worked for a company 10yrs they went bankrupt closed the doors no warning couldnt find a job finally found a landscaping job for less then what I was collecting in December I got laid off till April first couldn't collect threw my state didn't make enough money so was put back on federal unemployment witch ended at the end of December I'm so glad that these wealthy politicians had no problem looking their young children in the eyes on Christmas morning or telling them that the cable isn't gonna come back on for a couple months because some wealthy politicians that are supposed to be there to help the people that elected them well now I'm back to work but in a hole so deep cause no money for 4 months thanks for nothing what an American dream work hard since I'm 14 gonna be 25yrs and gonna lose it all cause lazy selfish people

Anonymous - New Jersey wrote 1 year 32 weeks ago


Did the House of Rep approve the extension?

Anonymous wrote 1 year 32 weeks ago

EUC Benefit Extension

I have been unemployed for almost two years. When I did my taxes, The Dept. of Labor or my past employer, the EUC I was recieving, taxes were never taken out. So I have to pay the IRS money instead of me recieving anything back. Let it be stated as soon as I receive my extension, I will pay back the IRS the money that is oued. Also I will find out what the heck happened! I have always paid my taxes for over 40 years. Someone made a mistake and it wasn't me. BUT I WILL FIND OUT! So thank you for
the Extension. You just saved me.

Anonymous - New Jersey wrote 1 year 32 weeks ago


I find it surprising that out if plus 2 million unemplyed..only 84 comments on this web site.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 32 weeks ago


Worked since 15 at one job for 25 yes. At 46 went to school and became medical assistant and phlebotomy so I could leave retail. Took company buyout and began aggressive search for health care job. Unemployment for a year at state level wasn't enough but at least I stayed afloat. Cut my home of 10year being forclosed.,water electric and cable shut off or 20 days away from it. Car which will be paid of by the end of year taken. I am so.stressed and crying everyday. To go from enjoying a small piece of American dream to losing it is unspeakable pain. How can this country just turn Thur backs on the people. How can the powers that be face themselves . Our president has the power to HELP.

Anonymous - New Jersey wrote 1 year 32 weeks ago


My job interview went very well. They are interviewing a few other people. They said they would get back to me end of next week. My fingers are crossed! Thank you all.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 32 weeks ago

Comment back in benefits:

Comment back in benefits: but if you are no longer unemployed are you entitled to the back pay? Or do you need to still be unemployed to get the back pay????

Ann Marie wrote 1 year 32 weeks ago


Answer to question about benefits. I continue to file and if Bully Boehner decides to allow it to be voted on in Congress then the benefits are suppose to be retroactive beginning January 1. So true how do you prove age discrimination? I lost my job in January 13 and am 55 years old. This is not receiving enough public attention in the news. How come we hear nothing from the President? This definitely needs more public attention. I don't think it's going to get passed now. They have tried too many times and keep hitting the brick wall (Bully Boehner). Very sad the lousy world we live in now.

Helen wrote 1 year 32 weeks ago


*** Anonymous New Jersey*** please let us know how your interview went. I'm rooting for you!

Helen wrote 1 year 32 weeks ago


How do you prove age discrimination?

Anonymous wrote 1 year 32 weeks ago

Question.... Let's sat EUC is

Question.... Let's sat EUC is approved and you go back to work prior to it being approved. Will you receive the benefit payments that you were out of work even though you have returned to work before it was finally approved? Example: my state benefits ran out Jan. 1 and I return to work April 15th; EUC is then approved May 1..... Do I get retro pay for Jan. 1 thru April 15 or do I lose out all together because I am no longer unemployed?

Anonymous wrote 1 year 32 weeks ago


I have been out of work since 4 / 13 and going to Turn 65 in June . From reading all these comments about getting laid off through no fault of our own and it struck me that we are supposed to have laws against age discrimination .have you ever tried to fight for your rights against a company ? You are told by any lawyer you contact that you cannot win . There was a time when age earned you respect and dignity . Now all you get is spit on and told to crawl into your grave .you are over qualified or not up with modern tech.. now my gov leaders tell me I am just lazy and don't want to give me the help I feel I deserve. I pity them when they get to the pearly gates and God tells them to go to hell

Anonymous - New Jersey wrote 1 year 32 weeks ago

euc vote

So appropiate for fat, wealthy politician who could not care any less about Americans in need. Why is it that CNN can spend so much airtime on missing flight 370 which is certainly a horrible thing but they cannot spend 5 minutes on the euc extension or lack of.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 32 weeks ago

So sad that they are leaving

So sad that they are leaving in their vacations and just left Americans hanging

Anonymous - New Jersey wrote 1 year 32 weeks ago

euc vote

Are they on spring break now?

Richard shaw wrote 1 year 32 weeks ago

Emergency Unemployment extension

Here we go again, proof that people we put in office and pay with our taxes
They have made it impossible for families to survive,while they sit in their high and mighty chairs in Washington basically telling us tough luck. Now they go on the 5th recess of the year
Well knowing all the poor deserving families will have no money for Easter for their families
So thanks alot and I hope you enjoy your holiday's knowing all that won't. May God forgive your lack of humanity.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 33 weeks ago

I'm really sorry John Boehner

I'm really sorry John Boehner thinks it will be too much restore unemployment...perhaps he could come visit us abs see how hard it is for hard working American. Citizens to survive dat to day with no income. He needs to step.down off his ivory.tower take the silver spoon out of his mouth and help citizens of this country,that are willing and able to work,but can nit find work!

Anonymous wrote 1 year 33 weeks ago

Is There Some Way to Get that BULLY Boehner Thrown Out of Senate

I've been following this issue for months. I've been unemployed due to no fault of my own since June 2013. The way I perceive John Boehner is that is is a Fat Cat Bully that wants to see Americas Unemployed struggle even more. He has the perception that we are lazy and want to be on unemployment. I've never thought to myself or ever have heard anyone say.."I Wish I Was On Unemployment!" For the Millions of Americans struggling out there to try to find work, it is a difficult time and place for us. We either don't have enough skills or in some cases are over qualified for positions. I've been searching on a Daily Basis to find a position that will pay the bills and allow me to keep our home, but I can honestly say I feel defeated.

Americans will go Hungry and Homeless because Boehner is stalling the EUC Vote process. Please remember this when Election Time comes around again. He's only helping himself and his RICH Friends & Colleagues. He doesn't Give a SNIT about You or I!!!

Anonymous wrote 1 year 33 weeks ago

Dear Keina, After weeks and

Dear Keina,

After weeks and then months of obstruction and delay, the U.S. Senate this week finally passed a five-month renewal of expired federal unemployment insurance. Previous attempts to renew Emergency Unemploymennt Compensation had been blocked in both the Senate and the House by Republican leaders' filibusters and stonewalling.

But a huge groundswell of public outcry and your phone calls to Senators succeeded in forcing the Senate to act!

Now it's time for the House of Representatives to follow suit and take a vote on the Senate-passed bill to renew federal jobless aid for 2.8 million unemployed jobseekers and their families.

Please call 877-363-6141 today and tell your member of the U.S. House to demand that House Speaker John Boehner bring the Senate-passed extension of unemployment insurance to the House floor for a vote now!

Federal jobless aid was cut off by Congressional inaction at the end of 2013. Since then, more than 2.3 million long-term unemployed workers and their families have lost their unemployment lifeline -- causing severe hardship and plunging many who were already struggling into desperation and destitution.

With each week that goes by without these benefits renewed, another 72,000 unemployed jobseekers lose this lifeline when their state benefits end. If the Senate-passed bill is approved in the House, the President will sign it immediately. As many as 2.8 million unemployed workers would get this aid they so urgently need.

So, now that the Senate has acted to restore the federal jobless aid, retroactive to January 1, and extend it to June 1, the House of Representatives must act without delay.

And there's one person who can allow -- or deny -- a vote in the House: Speaker John Boehner. If Speaker Boehner hears from the members of the House that they demand a vote, Boehner can make that happen.

That's why you need to call your Representative in the House today. Call 877-363-6141 toll-free now. Tell them to demand that Speaker Boehner bring the Senate-passed bill to renew federal unemployment insurance to the floor for a House vote immediately!

Thanks so much for making the calls!


Mitchell Hirsch for the UnemployedWorkers.Org Team

Mitchell, Chris, Maurice, Judy, Mike, Rick, George, Claire, Rebecca and Norman

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Anonymous - New Jersey wrote 1 year 33 weeks ago


Thanks Helen. I appreciate your response.

Helen wrote 1 year 33 weeks ago


Anonymous New Jersey*** Good luck on your interview. I too fall into the category of too old to work and too young to retire. Things have to change.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 33 weeks ago


Last year 2013 I lost my job.I am so worried about medical insurance, don't have the money to pay for it and I had to move in with daughter and son in law because I can't afford rent.I feel so bad for intruding on them. I apply for jobs but no call for interviews, I think if you didn't have to do the application online and do the stupid assessments,because most of the time the assessment stops working.I tried for a cvs job and it won't let me finish the assessment.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 33 weeks ago

Boehner the bully standing in the way of progress

speaker boehner's lack of cooperation to allow the euc bill to be fairly heard and his inaction failing to recognize time is of the essence to otherwise hold up progress on the bill and regardless of the outcome pass or fail only sheds a huge glaring light that he is NOT doing his job. He is standing in the way of progress and has no future in politics as far as I am concerned. He does not play well with others is the school yard bully who refuses to cooperate! He's a complete jerk standing in the way of effective government. He should be held accountable for his inaction and for a lack of doing his job.