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New York UPS workers strike to protest unjust firing

By staff |
February 26, 2014
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New York, NY - Hundreds of UPS drivers and warehouse workers walked off the job, Feb. 26, at the Queens hub in New York City.

The UPS workers from Teamsters Local 804, a local led by rank-and-file reformers, called an impromptu wildcat action to fight back against the unjust firing of a driver and vocal Teamster fighter. UPS management in New York resorts to firing workers on trumped up and nebulous charges in an attempt to weaken the union. The company abuses the grievance procedure to delay worker reinstatement and back wages in these cases of unjust firings, attempting to ‘starve’ workers who stand up for their rights on the job into submission.

The strategy backfired. Workers fought back to defend the union fighter who UPS unjustly fired. Hundreds stormed out of the building shouting “Stop the war on workers!” and “Shut down big brown!” The workers held an impromptu picket, gave speeches and chanted for the vast majority of the day.

A striker, who asked to remain anonymous to avoid retaliation, said, “We’re sick of the company’s harassment. They fire people with families and kids for no reason. It’s just wrong.” The strike demonstrated the union spirit of “an injury to one, is an injury to all!”

The strike inspired Teamsters from hubs in the other boroughs. Workers from the 43rd Street hub in Manhattan, as well as the Bronx hub, said many plan to organize support for the brave strikers who stood up to management and want to send a strong message that any further firings or retaliations will be met by overwhelming solidarity and unity.


Anonymous wrote 1 year 43 weeks ago

Loss of Job

JimmieG - I apologize for your loss of a job while trying to do the right thing, but lets change the focus on what really happened.......THE UNION DIDNT HELP YOU WHEN YOU NEEDED IT!!! The way you write about "loss prevention" , it sounds like they are a machine. They are actually other employees who are also union members. They aren't "robots" or office personnel immune to union influence. THEY ARE UNION MEMBERS. In this case, if your story is true, the union supported the majority of the employees, rather than the single bird flying alone doing the right thing. I think back to the 3 or 4 employees at Dodge smoking pot at lunch, and the union fighting to keep their jobs. That's wrong! My wife or daughter could be driving that vehicle they assembled after lunch when they were high. This type of behavior should not be supported, nor the voyeurism at UPS, bit it the union. As far as UPS discrediting you, I am a bit suspect of their ammunition. Did you have a history of being the "hero"? Also, why didn't the women bark about the voyeurism? They were the victims and certainly would have more influence than you.

Back to my original post, UPS pays very well where I live, very well. I get tired of all the griping from employees saying they are victims of verbal abuse and their supervisors "hawking" them at work, judging their job performance. Think about it, if that is the case, they are probably lazy employees with a poor work ethic, that are overpaid based on their job performance. I know if I am having to constantly watch an employee as their supervisor, its because they suck and my a$$ is getting chewed by my boss, because of their poor performance.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 43 weeks ago

If I walked out on my job

If you walked out of your job in the middle of a shift and went to a bar to drink with some of the idle management folks, than you should be fired. But if you walked out in protest of you being turned into a mindless, obedient "Yes Sir" robot, then you should be commended for your voice.

JimmieG wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

UPS firings

I worked for UPS for ten years until I was fired for complaining about how loss prevention was using their surveillance equipment to ogle female employees asses,breasts,and crotches. And if you tried to sue UPS they use their well paid lawyers to crush and discredit you. I personally think that UPS along with Sears are pathetic both are sexist,racist, and clueless when comes to the proper way to treat their employees.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

UPS Workers

UPS drivers are well paid with great benefits. I can easily find 250 employees to replace the ones that were fired, and they will be happy to perform the job. Unions take advantage of employers and manipulate situations for the general public to sympathize with them. Does anyone know why the driver (the union was supporting/protesting)got fired in the first place? UPS is a great company and everyone should support them. Are we all a bunch of b*tches? Get Real...............

Erik wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

Wildcat actions

Apparently the rank and file of UPS can't be bothered to understand or follow the rules of their employment contract... Unannounced strike/stoppages will have them on the unemployment line, assuming UPS doesn't file their termination for worker malfeasance... Life is hard, being stupid makes it harder...

upsletdown wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

UPS dictatorship

UPS tried to Bribe drivers in London ( United kingdom ) with free breakfast to end their strike , when didn't work they send office employees delivering packages under threat of dismissal ... welcome to UPS ...its logistics , behind nice smiling pictures in their banners there is Bullying and intimidation ....good Luck UPS NY drivers you have our support In England

Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

so you realize that once the

so you realize that once the union employees "win" and the "brown is shut down", then you are all SOL out of a job, right?

If I walked out on my job in the middle of my shift and caused important work to go undone, I surely would be fired. Then again, I don't believe in taking a job that will cause me to have to pay dues to a corrupt union so that they can "protect" me from an unjust employer who actually expects me to show up on time, put in my assigned hours and do the best work I can (no being lazy). Yeah, because those demands are sooooo unfair.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 44 weeks ago

UPS firings

I will not do business with UPS until they return these workers to their jobs. Boycott UPS!!!

Anonymous wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

Fight back

United we stand

Anonymous wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

Same Thing In United Kingdom

redundancies for 30 employees in UPS London United Kingdom they are using words like opportunities to leverage techonology ,strengthen market position ..... good Luck ups drivers in NY