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Twin Cities protest planned: “No new Korean War – Stop U.S. war posturing”

By staff |
April 9, 2013
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Making signs for April 10 action opposing war with the People's Democratic Repub
Making signs for April 10 action opposing war with the People's Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK). (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Minneapolis, MN - Organizers of the weekly peace vigil on the Lake Street/Marshall Avenue Bridge between Minneapolis and Saint Paul have announced plans to dedicate the April 10 vigil to making an anti-war statement in response to the military crisis in Korea.

The vigil will be held Wednesday from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.

The event will call for an end to the ongoing U.S. military maneuvers in the region and an end to the economic sanctions imposed on north Korea.

A statement issued by organizers says in part, “The Korean peninsula is at a flash point. U.S. war games, including sending nuclear bombers on a mission simulating the bombing of North Korea, only serve to bring Korea to the brink of a new war. We call for an end to the U.S. war games, for the U.S. to make a peace treaty to end the Korean war, and for an end to the sanctions on North Korea.”

The vigil is organized by Women Against Military Madness End War Committee and Twin Cities Peace Campaign.

The call for the April 10 vigil is endorsed by the Anti-War Committee, Emergency Committee to Stop U.S. War in Korea, Minnesota Peace Action Coalition, Veterans for Peace and others.