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Congratulations to Palestinian prisoner hero Samer al-Issawi on his victory over the jailer

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April 24, 2013
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The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine extends its congratulations to Samer al-Issawi on the victory of his free will over the occupation jailer on April 23. The PFLP expressed its salutes to the imprisoned struggler Samer al-Issawi, his family, and all of the prisoners inside the occupation jails, for his victory in exerting his will over the jailer, winning his release and return to his hometown in the city of Jerusalem, Palestine’s eternal capital.

The Front said that this victory inspires pride, gratitude and thanks to the struggling hero Samer al-Issawi and all fighters for freedom, justice and democracy in the world who stand with the prisoners with great confidence that the will of the prisoners is stronger than the tyranny of the occupation and stands taller than the prison walls. The Front called on all to emulate the spirit of struggle and resistance exemplified by Samer al-Issawi and his fellow prisoners, as their struggle and will and sacrifice continues to defeat the occupation and lead the way in our struggle for freedom, return and self-determination.

The Front emphasized the urgency for all Palestinian leaders and parties to learn lessons from this battle and from the prisoners’ movement and its deep individual and collective experiences to build a united national strategy to struggle for the liberation of the prisoners and the liberation of our people and our land.