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China carries out successful moon landing

By staff |
December 14, 2013
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The People’s Republic of China carried out a successful moon landing, Dec. 14, with the soft landing of the lunar probe Chang'e-3. The probe includes a moon rover called Jade Rabbit, a figure in a Chinese myth.

To date, three countries have carried out successful soft landings on the moon, the former Soviet Union, the U.S. and now China.

The moon landing is an achievement for Chinese socialism. Since China’s liberation from foreign domination in 1949, the county has seen extremely rapid development in technology and science.

Better able to organize the application of technology for large scale societal projects, socialist counties have an advantage over capitalist countries like the U.S. in the field of space exploration.

The Soviet Union launched the first satellite to circle the earth, the Sputnik, and sent the first human into space.

China is currently in the planning stage of sending a landing team to the moon.