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Carlos Montes goes to court June 5

By Committee to Stop FBI Repression |
June 4, 2012
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Fight Back News service is reprinting this breaking news from the Los Angeles Committee to Stop FBI Repression.

Carlos Montes court hearing changed to Tuesday, June 5!
Please attend if you can, and please call DA Steve Cooley at 213-974-3512 and demand: “Drop the charges against Carlos Montes!”

Carlos Montes court hearing has been abruptly changed to June 5th, Tuesday, at 8:30 a.m., according to a call we got this afternoon from attorney Jorge Gonzalez. We are back in Judge Lomeli’s court, department 123. Please try to attend to support Carlos with court room solidarity. A new development will be heard on June 5th. We cannot reveal any more information, but we will have an open court public hearing on June 5th. Yes, the hearing is on Election Day and with less than 1 day notice, the courts are busy with the baseball assault case and other issues, so we really need your support.

Pack the courtroom! Court will be at same location: Criminal Court Building, 210 West Temple Street, Los Angeles, but in Department 123 on the 13th floor. Please come at 8:00 a.m.

We have been fighting this for over a year now and we have a lot of support. Let’s keep the pressure on to keep Carlos free and out of jail!

Again, please attend the trial if you can, and please keep calling DA Steve Cooley and demand: drop the charges, call 213-974-3512. Pass the word.

For more information see, or call (626) 532-7164, or go to

Thank you.