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Florida politicians told: Remember Trayvon Martin – stop the war on Black and brown youth

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November 24, 2012
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Tallahassee protest demands remembrance of Trayvon Martin.
Tallahassee protest demands remembrance of Trayvon Martin. (Fight Back! News/Staff)
Dream Defenders in Florida Capitol building.
Dream Defenders in Florida Capitol building.

Tallahassee, FL - Around 15 activists from Tallahassee Dream Defenders, joined by other protesters including immigrant rights leaders, assembled on the fourth floor of the Florida Capitol building here, Nov. 20, showing politicians that Florida brown and Black groups are visible and demanding they remember Trayvon Martin.

Dream Defenders, a youth civil rights group, stood with their hoodies up in silent protest as legislators and lobbyists packed the floor between the Florida House and Senate chambers. They held signs reading, “Remember Trayvon,” and “Stop the war on Black and brown youth”.

Ciara Taylor with the Dream Defenders helped organize the protest. “The Dream Defenders are here to remind legislators to remember Trayvon Martin when they make legislation that disproportionally affect Black and brown youth in the state of Florida.”

Senators and representatives purposely avoided the hooded protestors. However, the Dream Defenders felt that they got their point across at the Capitol.

“Dream Defenders will be on the front line come next spring in defending and fighting for the rights of young Black and brown youth who are victimized by policies and laws that have been pushed through by Florida’s radical right-wing legislature under the guidance of Tea Party hero, Governor Rick Scott,” said organizer Michael Sampson. “We are going to make sure that this legislature remembers the death of Trayvon Martin and make sure that new Trayvons don’t happen again.”


David wrote 2 years 47 weeks ago

The legislators share the guilt

The prosecution of George Zimmerman is being unconscionably delayed because the Florida legislators who passed the reckless and demagogic "stand your ground" law have a huge responsibility in the murder of Trayvon Martin.

JourneyJustice wrote 3 years 11 weeks ago

We Remember!

DothProtestTooMuch remembers and we will continue to remember until justice is served for Trayvon Martin. Please visit our site dedicated to exposing the truth about Trayvon's murderer, George Zimmerman, and Zimmerman supporters who insist on tarnishing this unarmed teenagers character, even in death. We look forward to hearing from you.

Rational wrote 3 years 11 weeks ago


Isn't there anyone in that group, or those groups, smart enough to figure out that if the "black and brown" do not commit criminal acts there is no problem?

Remember Travon? At this point there is as much evidence to support him being a violent criminal that tried to kill Zimmerman as not . . .

I guess one has to be of a culture that disallows the entire concept of personal responsibility for any of that ,strong.bull &%^$ up there to make any sense . . . .