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Milwaukee: “Occupy Wall Street, Not Palestine!”

By staff |
January 19, 2012
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Milwaukee teach in on "Occupy Wall Street, Not Palestine."
Milwaukee teach in on "Occupy Wall Street, Not Palestine." (Photo by Bryan G. Pfeifer)

Milwaukee, WI - The Occupy movement and Palestine solidarity activists filled the room, Jan. 17, for the teach-in called "Occupy Wall Street, Not Palestine!"

The teach-in was presented by local Palestine solidarity activists and included a history of Palestinian oppression, current political analysis and a discussion of how to end the occupation.

A discussion took place on the political repression of activists in the U.S., from the nationally-coordinated effort to shut down the Occupy movement to the nationally-coordinated FBI repression of Palestine and international solidarity activists that began over a year ago.

"Our relationship with Israel is based on the interests of the 1%, who enjoy military and strategic control of an oil-rich region, arms sales and collaboration on projects such as the training of local police," said Daniel Ginsberg. "The Occupy movement faces repression in the fight for economic justice, so we should take up the defense of fellow Palestine solidarity activists and demand an end to U.S. diplomatic, military and financial support of Israel."