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FBI and Los Angeles County Sheriff raid veteran Chicano activist Carlos Montes

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May 19, 2011
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Door kicked down by SWAT team at Carlos Montes' home.
Door kicked down by SWAT team at Carlos Montes' home. (Committee to Stop FBI Repression)

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Committee to Stop FBI Repression.

Los Angeles, CA – On May 17, 2011 at 5:00 AM the SWAT Team of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and members of the FBI raided the home of Carlos Montes, a long time Chicano activist and active member of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression. The SWAT Team smashed the front door and rushed in with automatic weapons as Carlos slept. The team of Sheriffs and FBI proceeded to ransack his house, taking his computer, cell phones and hundreds of documents, photos, diskettes and mementos of his current political activities in the pro-immigrant rights and Chicano civil rights movement. Also taken were hundreds of historical documents related to Carlos Montes’ involvement in the Chicano movement for the past 44 years.

Carlos was arrested on one charge dealing with a firearm code and released on bail the following morning. His first court appearance is set for June 16, 2011.

This attack on Carlos Montes is part of the campaign of FBI harassment taking place against the 23 peace and justice activists which has until now been centered in the Midwest. Carlos Montes’ name was listed on the subpoena left in the office of the Twin Cities Anti-War Committee last September 24. When Carlos Montes was placed in the LA County Sheriff's car, an FBI agent approached and asked him questions about the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Carlos Montes has done nothing wrong. This is an attack on him and an attack on the Chicano movement for equality. Carlos has been involved and a committed leader in the immigrant rights, anti war, solidarity, and quality education movements his whole adult life.

Stop the Attacks on the Chicano and Immigrants Rights Movement!

  • We demand all charges be dropped against Carlos Montes. We call for the immediate return of all his property.
  • Please call and write US Attorney General Eric Holder (202) 353-1555 and demand Hands Off Carlos Montes and other activists.

Join the LA Committee Against FBI Repression on May 24, 2011, at 7 PM to hear first hand about this attack and discuss the FBI repression targeting political activists and movements. The program will take place at F Square Printing, 519 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

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Anonymous wrote 3 years 39 weeks ago

Carlos Montes Court Date

I hear that Carlos Montes is going on trial tomorrow. I do not know where the court is. I assume it is down town Los Angeles criminal court building.

Anonymous wrote 4 years 38 weeks ago

This is an outrage! But

This is an outrage! But yet..i am not one bit surprised.They asked about "Freedom Road Socialist Organization?" What a load of crap. They are out to oppress. Same tactics as those used through-out U.S History, those more recently solidified under COINTELPRO. SPREAD THE WORD, action should be taken against such unjust and uncivilized tactics.

Anonymous wrote 4 years 38 weeks ago

Out of Control Swat, FBI and cop repression

Holy Shit! WTF! is my response. We all need to be (more) outraged. Carlos did nothing wrong! All this to steal HIS STUFF.

United we stand! We as people living in this country. As we live in this world need to bring these types of repression out into the light of main stream.