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Call in to defend Occupy Minneapolis

Statement by staff |
November 29, 2011
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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement urging support for Occupy

Starting now: Call & e-mail Hennepin County Commissioners to demand that they stop
restricting Occupy Minneapolis’s right to protest & right to shelter!

Don’t dismantle Occupy Minneapolis tents on Wednesday - shelter is a human right!
Stop threatening Occupy Minneapolis right to protest!
Stop the intimidation and harassment of Occupy Minneapolis!

On Wednesday, occupiers and supporters will take action, setting up “99 Tents for the 99
Percent” on the plaza. County officials have been trying to coerce the protesters to cancel
this event through the use of intimidation, harassment and threats. This is unacceptable. We
need to stand up for the right to protest and the right to shelter. We need to pressure the
County authorities to NOT dismantle or confiscate the tents on Wednesday, to not threaten the
protesters with repression if they stand up for their basic rights.

Since Occupy Minneapolis started their protest at The People’s Plaza on October 7 as part
of the global Occupy Wall Street movement, Hennepin County Sheriff Stanek and Hennepin
County Administrators have refused to allow the protesters to have shelter from the weather.
Since there was no actual policy forbidding shelter on the plaza, County Commissioners made
up a new set of rules directly singling out Occupy Minneapolis’s protest, restricting protesters
from sleeping or having shelter on the plaza. The public responded with an outpouring of
support for the occupiers, as hundreds rallied, community and labor leaders spoke out, and
100 people slept out on the Plaza the first night the sleeping restriction was to take effect.
Occupiers have continued to sleep on the Plaza every night since, and the Plaza has continued
to serve as a central rallying point for the struggle to put people before profits.

As winter sets in and temperatures drop, the need for shelter must be defended. It is a question
of basic rights and safety. Please call the County Commissioners to pressure them to keep
hands off our tents and hands off the Occupy movement’s right to protest and right to shelter!

Call as many of the commissioners as you can, but if you can only call two, call Gail Dorfman
and Peter McLaughlin.

Gail Dorfman: 612-348-7883 | [email protected]
Peter McLaughlin: 612-348-7884 | [email protected]
Mike Opat, chair: 612-348-7881 | [email protected]
Mark Stenglein: 612-348-7882 | [email protected]
Randy Johnson: 612-348-7885 | [email protected]
Jan Callison: 612-348-7886 | [email protected]
Jeff Johnson: 612-348-7887 | [email protected]

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Anonymous wrote 4 years 22 weeks ago

My wife and I both work, have

My wife and I both work, have two beautiful kids and like most american's have tightened the belt to make things work lately.

I suspect the Occupy movement is really made up of the bottom 30-40% which ironically pay 0% federal income tax and many get $1000's back while also leveraging the social system paid for by the "evil" 1%.

I just do not understand the movement nor the obsession with wrongly trying to bundle in hard working upper middle class american's such as myself into this movement. The latest issue being the fact that banks are evil for taking back a house after someone can't meet the financial obligations they agreed to?

I'm all about free speech but no one can even articulate what they want to happen. How about a little personal responsibility?