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Bo Diddley's son arrested at Bo Diddley Plaza for occupying

By staff |
October 22, 2011
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Ellas Anthony McDaniel, son of singer Bo Diddley, arrested on Bo Diddly Plaza
Ellas Anthony McDaniel, son of famous R&B singer Bo Diddley, was arrested for trespassing on Bo Diddley Plaza at Occupy Gainesville. (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Gainesville, FL - Occupy Gainesville has witnessed a healthy level of involvement from people here, with recent protests against Wall Street. Rallying at the central downtown location of Bo Diddley Plaza Oct. 13, community members were pleased to see Bo Diddley's son, Ellas Anthony McDaniel, speaking out in support of Occupy Gainesville and Occupy Wall Street.

However, occupiers were not so pleased to see police arresting the 56-year old McDaniel in the early hours of Oct. 14 on a trespassing charge. “This is my father's park,” McDaniel said. Around 50 protesters held signs reading “Where's our bailout?” as they watched the police arrest McDaniel.

"For them to arrest me in that plaza is ludicrous,” said McDaniel. “I'm an American. This is freedom of assembly,” he added.