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Gainesville Area SDS Rallies Against FBI Raids On Anti-War Activists

By Fernando Figueroa |
September 28, 2010
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Community members rally outside the office of an FBI agent in downtown Gainesvil
Community members rally outside the office of an FBI agent in downtown Gainesville, speaking out against the repression of peace activists across the country. (Fight Back! News)

Gainesville, FL – Approximately 30 people protested outside an FBI office in downtown Gainesville on Sept. 27. Activists held signs that said "Stop the FBI Raids!" and "End Political Repression".

The protest was called by the Gainesville chapter of Students for a Democratic Society. The rally was organized to show solidarity with those targeted in a series of FBI raids on the homes of peace activists around the country.

The activists who participated in the rally were not intimidated by the dozens of police officers waiting in the parking garage behind the FBI office. Members of Gainesville SDS, along with allies from Veterans for Peace, chanted "1, 2, 3, 4, We just want to end the war – 5, 6, 7, 8, No more police state!" and "Hey hey, ho ho, the FBI Raids have got to go!"

SDS organizer Justin Wooten said the activists were out to show solidarity with similar actions happening in over 35 cities across the nation.

"People need to get active and speak out against the repression of peace activists, because if we don't, things will just get worse." Wooten said. "Who knows what the FBI will do next if people take what happened to folks in Chicago, Minneapolis, and North Carolina lying down?"