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Another week, another 300,000 unemployed lose their federal unemployment benefits while senators take a break

By Masao Suzuki |
July 9, 2010
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San José, CA - On July 8, the U.S. Department of Labor reported that almost 350,000 unemployed were dropped from federal unemployment insurance rolls. This is the second week in a row that the number of Americans collecting Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) and Extended Benefits (EB) has dropped by more than 300,000. Funding for these programs has run out, and Republicans in the Senate have blocked a vote to provide moneys for federal unemployment insurance benefits. As a result, jobless workers are getting cut off of their federal unemployment insurance benefits by the hundreds of thousands each week.

Even worse, when adjusted for seasonal changes in job patterns, the Department of Labor also reported that there was a drop of more than 200,000 in state unemployment benefit rolls in the latest week. State unemployment benefits typically last for six months, after which the unemployed can apply for federal benefits. But because of the lack of action by the Senate, the federal programs are not accepting any new claims. With the average unemployed worker out of a job for six months or more, hundreds of thousands are losing their state unemployment benefits each week, in addition to those losing federal benefits.

While the average unemployment insurance benefit is only $300 a week (or about $15,000 per year), it can make a difference between having a roof over one’s head and being able to feed your family or not. This is a far cry from the lives of the Senators who have refused to help. According to their own financial disclosure forms from 2009, most Senators, both Democrats and Republicans, are millionaires. Some Senators have argued that $300 a week is a ‘disincentive’ to taking a job. But with five jobless workers looking for work for each job opening, there are just not enough jobs to go around.

While the Senate was taking a week off, protests against the benefit cutoffs are growing. On July 7 union activists gathered at the office of Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell, in Louisville, Kentucky to protest the Republican opposition to extending funding for federal unemployment insurance benefits. The Senators will begin to meet again on July 12. But with only four weeks of work until their August break, pressure on the Senate to fund the sederal EUC and EB programs will have to escalate.


Anonymous wrote 5 years 29 weeks ago

I'm at the bottom

I've been broke since day one. I have always struggled to make it. I'm 24 and I have two kids. I'm used to making it by on close to nothing at all. But, it's even more scary when I see my friends who have good jobs and nice houses (instead of apartments) begin to struggle. I have one friend who got laid off, then her husbands daughter had twins and left them at the hospital and took off, so she took the twins home to raise them with her husband. Then he got laid off and was collecting unemployment. Then their A/C went out this month. And these people had it good. And in just three months, they have lost their cars and everything. They are collecting food stamps. It's kind of got me worried and maybe I have a wild imagination, but, are my kids going to be able to grow up? Or, is the world just coming to an end. I just hope that people will all stand up and fight. We are supposed to be a great country. There's got to be something we can do. I mean, there are more of us out here than government employees. We have the right to take back what is ours. By the people, for the people. So, lets make them work in our favor!

lynn wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago


all i can say is that it is time to organize demonstrations on these politicians door steps lets let them know that we are not going to take it any more, that we are not going to lay down and give it up to them anymore that they have had many chanches to make this right but have failed us in so many ways . for all of us that love this country but hate the politticians in office it is time for a change lets let them know just how angry we are and that we won't starve and live in a tent so they can have a great home and family and vacations , think about it people think of what they have done to us because we trusted them to stand by us always as we have done for them, we have given them our children to send off to war because they said it was a must do and may have given their lives for this country to stay free, what do you think they would have to say about our government right now.

Anonymous wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago


well here i go again as i have beeen posting on every thing i can about this bull. out of money out of work out of food seems to be evryone's story right now, well we need to go to page thomas congress and check out these senators that are voteing no on the extension and organize a demonstration at there front door, gather togeather people there are over 2.7 million people out here , plus what about the 99ers, we might be them soon even if they do pass this extension bill, don't let these big shots feed you any more crap they are only out for themselves they care less about us out here they have proven that we don't matter. they think we will do nothing because we have let them get away with so much junk already that we just don't care, lets show them who we are, gather togeather ,lets take back our beloved country ,we have given much to keep her free so lets not sell out now we are the people of america and we will not continue to be lied to are used at your will, this is our country lets take it back and get ourselves back on our feet, because these politicians only care about themselves and their pay checks and their fancy cars and expensive foods and their vacations, while we cant afford gas in our cars to go see fireworks on the 4th of july they take a vacation with family and friends

Gina26 wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago


Ok, so I called in today and waited 45 mins only to speak with someone I could barely understand and who spoke horrible english (working at the unemployment dept!) she then hung up on me while sucking her teeth. I have a question I really need answered if anyone knows it, I was cut off from the EB extension on June 26th. The balance in my account is still 5K and some change. My question is if congress approved this extension will I be put back on the EB program?? Please help, [email protected]

P.S. yes I am looking very hard for a job just curious in case I still can't find one and this gets passed. Thnx.

Anonymous wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago

Unemployment Extension ending

No Money. No food. Can't find a job. Looked and called everywhere. Even signed up with temp. agencies. I have a house...2 kids. I don't want to lose my house. I signed up for emergency food stamps 5 days ago. Still waiting. There is no money for the unemployed but recently the senate voted to give themselves a pay raise. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? DO THEY ANSWER TO ANYBODY? I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW! It seems nobody cares about all of the millions who are now suffering, going hungry and losing their homes and cars. HOW COME THE MEDIA ISN'T REPORTING ON THIS CRISIS? Not one story on any of the new channels. CNN, FOX, The Today show, Local new channels etc...NOT ONE STORY ON THE MILLIONS WHO GOT SCREWED. My last unemployment check was the week before the 4th. I have nothing. Sold some gold I had. Got a little over $100.00. I used it for food. Now I have nothing!! Is there a conspiracy going on in the government? We all got pushed off a cliff. Now we don't exist. Not even in the media. The president is useless. PRESIDENT OBAMA. WHERE ARE YOU????? HOW CAN YOU LET THIS HAPPEN TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. MOST WHO VOTED FOR YOU. YOU WILL BE VOTED OUT ALONG WITH THE OTHER SELF SERVING PIGS. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!

Anonymous wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago

Please vote YES to Extend EUC-

My husband and I have been out of work for more months than I would like to share. He lost his job first and was too proud to reigister for unemployment. I was let go from my position and do believe that being over 40 did not help. We are professional white collar workers, and my Unemployment checks have allowed us to pay our mortage. If the extenstion does not happen, I believe the housing criis will get even worse and I am afraid of losing my home of 22 years. Without a job, you can't get a loan.
Congress doesn't have to worry about having a job or income. They are set. I ask you to think about want would you do if you don't have a job, no income coming in and can't find a job and then go in and vote YES! PLEASE LOOK OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND UNDERSAND WE ARE HURTING AND NEED YOUR HELP!!!

It is ok to give the Banks, the Car Industry , etc..... Billions of Dollars because they are too big to fail. Then they do not use the money given to them for the purpose it was meant to be but give people bonuses. These organizarion should be ashamed!!!

Anonymous wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago

My Family is going to be HOMELESS

I was released from my position of five years in December of 2009 after I returned from maternity leave. I'm 27 years old, married and had just delivered my first child ten weeks before her scheduled due date. My daughter had to be in the hospital for a month, so I asked my employer could I return to work and then just leave for a couple weeks once she was allowed to come home. They wouldn't let me. I was working at a sales job making over 52k a year. So mind you when I left on maternity leave they let others take over my accounts. When I went back in August they gave me 90 days to get to an astronomical goal, that would have only been barely achievable if they hadn't given my portfolio away. I didn't make it and in December right before Christmas I was let go. I began to collect my unemployment as l looked for a job. My husband is in the process of becoming a teacher and has to student teach for 90 days free. I am terrified of what is going to happen to my family. My benefits have been expired since 1 day after the cut off, and I only missed the deadline because 8 dollars carried over into the following week. I look and look for work, then there is daycare, and food, rent, car payments, insurance, diapers. I am becoming desperate. My husband and I are at each others throats because the stress from trying to stay afloat is mounting on us.I am not someone who tries to live outside my means either. I'm just trying to survive. My baby doesn't deserve this.I'm doing my best but my rent is way behind, I've had to ask for foodstamps, and wic. It's hummiliating. I just pray they will extend the benefits. I've never had an extension. I'm desperate. I'm going to lose my home, my car...we have nothing. This EUC being denied is a crisis on the American people. We band together to help Hatii and all those other places..what about the American people. We are dying, hungry, poor. What happened to a nation "by the people"...and "for the people"...not FOR the pay raise.

Anonymous wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago

Sick of trying to make sense of these jokers

Unemployment is the new leprosy. No one wants to have anything to do with you. HR people are shredding resumes from homeless people because they think we are lazy, that there must be some reason we are unemployed.

Yeah, there's a reason - Washington let Wall Street tank the economy.

Now these jokers in Washington have no problem voting to extend their wars, to shove bailout money in pockets already lined with ill-gotten gains, but they can't vote to extend benefits to unemployed people? They say it's because it will increase the deficit. Maybe we could start taxing the rich again? Well, back in the 1950's the rich were taxed at 90% and they still found a way to have a good ol' time. Did giving them more and more and more tax breaks help the economy? How many recessions have we gone through since Washington started giving the rich whatever they wanted without question?

What do these jokers think the unemployed are doing with this money? Going on cruises? Taking exotic vacations? Buying expensive jewelry? No, that's probably what Washington does. Unemployed people are putting gas in their tanks to go on job interviews. They are keeping their utilities turned on. They are feeding their children. They are not hording cash and stuffing it into mattresses.

And for these mentally deficient misinformed people who think the unemployed will get jobs once they no longer have a big, fat, juicy check coming twice a month from Uncle Sam, I want to ask them - what jobs? Do you know of any? Is there a secret cache of jobs somewhere? The current national statistic is that there are 5 applicants for every available job.

Each month 150,000 new people enter the job market. Those are new grads and people who've finished job training. That does not include the unemployed, for which numbers are not accurate because there are hundreds of thousands of people who've given up even looking for work.

So, 150,000 new jobseekers enter the game every month. 53,000 people lose their unemployment benefits every day with no relief in sight.

Their own egos and wallets are too important to the fat cats in Washington to care about what's happening to the unemployed American.

I urge those 150,000 new grads a month to take their brains, their training, their skills, their able bodies, and their optimism to Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. Go somewhere you will be appreciated. Find a place that not only needs you, but will support your future. America is not it. We've exported too many jobs. We've killed too many industries. America will never recover from this .America has destroyed it's middle class. We are quickly becoming a third world nation.

It's probably too late for me, but get out while you can.

Anonymous wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago

Help is Needed for the WORKERS of America = Vote YES

Being a worker for over 35 years, going to college, paying my debts, paying my taxes only to be in a statistic unemployed number at this time. I look at the welfare and wic recipents at the grocery stores buying their food as I have paid my taxes for the poor to eat for many years. I look at the war and how I helped by donating items and paying my taxes to fund the war. I can go on and on and yet I never complained. Well now the tables are turned I need assistant where is the Senate to help me and others. I feel that they have forgotten about the working class that paid taxes for them to go on their vacations. Let me tell you my children are affected by this as well and see that minimal food in the house and cutting back only to use my savings to make it through this tough time. Yes, the $388 does help but $0 does not. Please contact your Senators and the White House to make sure they vote YES to the extension.

IXLNXS wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago

Go ahead. Vote NO.

More and more Americans are becoming very angry with our politicians inaction to protect the best interest of regular Americans.

They have shown great leadership in protecting BP, Wall Street, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, to big to fail banks, Air Lines, and basically any business someone might have to face a dividend loss in.

But helping the average American. Nope. Not going to do it. They are lazy. They are on drugs. They don't really want to work. Ect......... And more Americans are starting to see these as a fact of life. And their anger is growing.

The wedge issues these political clowns used to keep Americans seperated, to keep us squabbling among ourselves as they went about the business of dismantling the American Dream for fun and profit are no longer playing out. The real issues are front and center and the political clowns and the carnival in which they do their best acts, Main Stream Media, are spinning as fast as they can to try and redirect America's anger.

Too late I think. As more and more disenfranchised Americans start to realize the American Dream is just that, a dream, they wake up and tell their friends, neighbors, family, and children. And an ever growing populice begins to see these politicians as not the saviours of our country or the kindly representatives of the electorate but as the enemy. As self serving leeches who are bought and paid for by the corporations who are speeding us to destruction.

Stop eating the cake and start building the gallows. It is time to take America back from the bankers and politicians. It is time we sent these carpet baggers packing. And if they won't go quietly there is always still the gallows. Let em hang.

Anonymous wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago

Cry me a river. Get off your

Cry me a river. Get off your butt and find a job is what I say to them. I know EXACTLY where they can find it too. It is in the hands of an illegal immigrant. Wow. You people do things to destroy your own livelihood and then cry when you stop getting hand outs. I have no sympathy for you. If you support the law breaking immigrants then you deserve to reap the reward.

Anonymous wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago


I paid into UI for 30 years and never though I would need it, because I will work at any thing to take care of my family, what ever it takes, but what do you do when no one will even hire you .Two years ago I was making 55000 a year and paying my taxes.Now I'm praying that EUC gets passed so I can pay my rent I've emptied out my saving my 401k and borrowed from my family to keep going. Talk of people not wanting to work is a lot easier when you have a job. When you don't ,you count on UC to make ends meet . The government didn't ask if it was ok with me to take the money out of my check for 30 years and then when I needed that money back they can't decide how to pay for it. I have never head of them having a problem figuring out how to pay for their one pay raise .

Bob wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago


Well a lot of unemployed people will get checks if the extension is approved but not us 99ers (People that have used all 99 weeks of unemployment) we get the cold shoulder and are left to rot again as,all senator's in the House and Congress turn's their backs on us again. The last few times unemployment was approved we got nothing because Democrats and Republicans refuse to add another tier (Tier 5) so what are we to do how do we eat and feed our families, we have done without for months. When they extend unemployment it will only be the eligiblity dates just like the last two times. The real trick is to make the public think everyone was helped is to just say "Well we extended unemployment" but without tier 5 us 99ers just keep right on suffering. No one has stopped to ask hey who was the first person to run out of their 99 weeks and how in the hell have they been living. It's cruel, hateful and evil. Then to add insult to injury Senator Pelosi does not wish to address a tier 5 till then end of the year, and Senator Buacus thinks 99 weeks is enough. I watched them stand in front of Congress and blast the Republicans for saying no, but no one stood up and said everyone has said no to the 99ers. Even worse than that us 99ers are seen as EMPLOYED BECAUSE WE CAN'T CLAIM ANYMORE. Just watch your backs because at this rate we all will be 99ers soon and you'll be wishing you had the chance to get a check too.

Anonymous wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago


Our Government needs a complete overhaul. If there's nothing done to fix our Country there will be no Country for our Goverment to govern. It's time to take care of our own... meaning the people that pay for your saleries. What has the US come to? It's pretty bad when our goverment sues states as well... talk about turning your backs. Start moving in the correct direction or the people will find someone to take your places and they will fix what you have destroyed. We can only pray.

I don't think the people of the US really know how distressed our Country is. It's so far gone now who knows if it will be fixable especially with a reactive Goverment instead of a PROactive one.
They need to stop throughing non adhesive band-aids on gaping wounds that will stop the bleeding nor heal anything.

Anonymous wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago

Do the Right thing Losers!! I'm talking about the highhorse ones

The days of the Republican are numbered. They truly are unaware of where this country is REALLY heading. Dems are not much better,but at least they attemp to understand the MAJORITY of the population of the United States of America. And if anyone thinks that the unemployed enjoy surviving on a measly $300 a week instead of making some real money, they must be mentally challenged or Republican. WAKE UP!! You made this mess, now clean it up you big babies!!

Echogirl wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago

I can't finish school without it!

In my state they have a training program where if you were out of work you can collect benefits if you decide to go back to school and the school is one of the "approved", and then you do not have to look for work while completing the program. However even though I was approved to be in this program for the duration of school 18 months, you could only collect benefits for 52 weeks technically (under normal circumstances when there were no federal extensions) however with extensions they told me it would make it possible to complete the program while on benefits last year so I decided to go ahead and invest in the education with the peace of mind I'd "get through it" and not have to worry. However NOW that my extension ran out I am so screwed I'm in a full time medical internship 50 hours a week and 3 months of school left and no money coming in now what the heck am I going to do without the extensions, i can't afford school AND bills AND food AND rent?!? This is so unfair, and I fully invested myself in this program thinking with their consent I'd be safe. They really need to hurry up and pass this. They probably won't read this either..., my state is FOR extensions so there's not much more I can do but sit tight and pray god will get me through this. I'm going to school to help others, so why don't they help ME back?!

Gary wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago

Senate blocking EUC

The federal government is a greater threat to the people of the United States than Al-Queda ever was.

iva jackman wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago


Please vote YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know its hard for those who are on unemployment making less money than we would if we was working. This is the first time I have ever drawn unemployment in my life. I apply for jobs to be told "WE are only taking applications at this time" , or hear "Your over qualified"? PLEASE tell me senators what do you want us those on unemployment what do you want us to do? Do you want more Americans to be homeless?
Do you expect us not to eat?
Do you expect us to get sick due to no heath care?

Anonymous wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago

Unemployment extension and teir 5 benefit

Yes, Yes, Yes, they need to pass this urgent emergency unemployment now asap and even create the tier 5 benefits as well. In 6 months the Holidays will be here. If we all can not find work by now or then what are we going to do? fall off from the face of the earth? These senators never know pains in hardships. Some of these senators need to experience hardships, without jobs themselves, and have them go to food banks and feed their hungers. Shame on them, shame on them, shame on them. They are all millionaires and went on vacations when millions of American people are without benefits to support their lifeline for their families while these senators are having a wonderful time on their vacations. Shame on you when you turn your backs on the poor. God will turn His back on you and will make you wait. So Do what is right in the sight of God, Help the poor by passing this urgent benefits!

Kelli wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago


 I've worked in the Mortgage Industry for 18 years.  My company (American Home Mortgage) was one of the many that was shut down in 2007.  I truly loved my job.  After that I went to work for IndyMac Bank - who, by the way, was the company that took over some of the prior American Home Mortgage Branches.  In July of 2008 they were shut down.  Once again, not my fault.  After searching (and searching, and searching...) for employment in the Mortgage Industry I came to the realization that I needed to change my career path.  I'm currently in school for Medical Office and Business Administration/Medical Billing and Coding.  I'm graduating July 13.  My point is this - not EVERYBODY who is on unemployment wants to be on it (god knows I certainly don't) and not EVERYBODY on unemployment is sitting around doing 'nothing' while collecting their 'huge' check.  I wish I could say the same for Congress.  I can't understand how this country has bailed out the 'BIG BANKS' but refuses to help the regular citizens.  I was going to say the regular 'middle class' citizens, but we both know there is no longer a 'middle class'.  There is only the rich and the poor.  I wonder which category Congress members fall into.  I know which one I fall into.  I also know I can't wait until November rolls around.  I might be living on the street by then, but I will certainly make it to the voting booth to vote all of you out of office.  So enjoy 'living large' now, it won't be for much longer.  

Anonymous wrote 5 years 30 weeks ago

Federal U E extension votes

OK i feel,,if them ppl in congress and whatever HAD to live on $300 a week they would be quite fast about the vote of YES! Must be nice to not have to put pennies together just to buy milk or bread and maybe a can of soup,,because thats all they could afford,,,wake up ppl this is the worst time to be forced to be on Unemployment especially when you want to work and due to age cant find anyone wanting to hire you because of your age,,,grrrr VOTE YES PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ ONE VOTE IS ALL WE NEED THANKS A HUMBLE AMERICAN !!