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FBI Delivers New Subpoenas to More Anti-War, Solidarity Activists

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December 3, 2010
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Chicago, IL -The FBI has informed a lawyer from the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) that at least three new subpoenas to appear before a Grand Jury have been delivered in the Chicago area.

Attorney Jim Fennerty confirmed that FBI agent Robert Parker informed him just before 1:00 pm that the subpoenas were being delivered at that moment.

This is a continuation of the assault on the anti-war movement that began on September 24th. This case began with 14 subpoenas delivered to anti-war, labor and solidarity activists in coordinated raids that swept the Midwest, involving scores of federal agents.

The December 3 subpoenas mean that three additional people are being called to appear in front of the Grand Jury.

“The FBI is continuing their campaign to intimidate the movement,” stated Joe Iosbaker of the national Committee to Stop FBI Repression. Iosbaker was one of those raided and subpoenaed in September.

Fennerty is one of the lead NLG attorneys from the legal team for the activists. According to Fennerty, “The new subpoenas are summoning people for grand jury dates. At least one of the three has been told to appear before the grand jury Tuesday, January 25th, in the Dirksen Federal Building in Chicago.”

Three of the original 14 are awaiting new grand jury court dates as well. Iosbaker explained, “If the three women who have been called back – Sara Martin, Tracy Molm and Anh Pham - refuse to take part in the fishing expedition carried on by the U.S. Attorney, they can expect to be cited for contempt and jailed for the life of the grand jury.”

The Committee to Stop FBI Repression urges supporters to contact U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and condemn the use of the grand jury to repress the anti-war and solidarity movements. Call Patrick J. Fitzgerald at 312-353-5300.

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Ian MacLeod wrote 5 years 6 days ago

Answer to Noah Vail

No, they've all been fired, starting with Dan Rather and now with Keith Olbermann the latest victim. The PATRIOT Act is as unconstitutional now as it was when it was rammed through Congress without time to read it (though they could have read it when it was written as a pie-in-the-sky wish list for the Intel community years ago ). None of this is new behavior; they're just learning that Americans won't fight back in numbers, so why not?


Noah Vail wrote 5 years 6 weeks ago


Does this remind anyone of the 1950's and McCarthy's "commie" smear campaign? The comotose public didn't care until respected journalists spoke out....Who are those journalists today? They're all at cocktail parties in DC.

Asif Cheema wrote 5 years 9 weeks ago


I am from Pakistan.I strongly condemn the FBI repression against the anti -war,solidarity activists.In the name of national security the American administration is violating the civil liberties and human rights not only in United States but in many other countries of the world mainly Iraq,Afghanistan,Pakistan etc.I show my solidarity with these anti-war,solidarity activists.