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Protest at Site of Grand Jury

By staff |
December 24, 2010
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Maureen Murphy speaks at Dec., 23, 2010 press conference
Maureen Murphy speaks at Dec., 23, 2010 press conference (Fight Back! News/Ali Abunimah)

Chicago, IL -75 people entered the lobby of the Dirksen Federal Building here, Dec. 23, to make a statement to U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and the FBI. They were there because four more anti-war and international solidarity activists have been subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury.

Maureen Murphy, one of those targeted by Fitzgerald with a grand jury date of Jan. 25, made a strong statement to the press:

I have no intention in participating in the government's witch hunt. It is very clear that no crime has been committed and that the government's motivation in issuing these subpoenas is to have us name the names of other activists not only here in the United States, but also in places like Palestine and Colombia, where many of us have traveled to learn about the human rights situations in those places. We can only assume that the U.S. government shares intelligence with the governments of Israel and Colombia, whose repressive military rule the U.S. bankrolls at the taxpayer's expense. And it is essentially a prison sentence or worse for human rights activists in Palestine and Colombia to be singled out in this way. And I have no intention in playing any role in that.