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Twin Cities activists tell the FBI: ‘Don’t spy on us’

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December 23, 2010
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Minneapolis, MN - Dozens of Twin Cities area anti-war, labor and social justice advocates gathered at the office of the Anti-War Committee, Dec. 21, to fill out paperwork for Freedom of Information Act requests, demanding that the FBI provide copies of files developed on their organizations and themselves.

Jess Sundin said, “By coming together to collectively file these requests, we are sending a message to the FBI that we will not be intimidated by their recent actions. We know that there is a long history of FBI spying on organizations working for peace and justice.”

Lucia Wilkes Smith of Women Against Military Madness (WAMM) said, “For 30 years WAMM has extended an open invitation to all people opposing war and seeking nonviolent solutions to the domestic and international devastation of military madness. Today we know WAMM may be infiltrated, investigated, audited and raided at any moment. That's absolutely un-American! We refuse to be wary. We refuse to be afraid. We are enraged. WAMM officially requests through FOIA all records gathered concerning our straightforward work for peace and WAMM passionately recommits to its mission.”

Marie Braun, of the Twin Cities Peace Campaign, stated, “The Dec. 21 mass filing of FOIA requests will help put the spotlight on the FBI and their history of spying and intimidation. We want all the files they keep on peace, solidarity, labor and other groups. We want an explanation for the conduct of the FBI in launching these types of investigations. The only way for people to protect their democratic rights is to use them and to not be afraid and to use every legal step to protect our right to speak out.”

“On Tuesday, the spotlight was turned on the FBI and their spying, intimidation and threats against all who work for peace and justice in this country,” said Sundin

Organization that participated in the FOIA request included the Iraq Peace Action Coalition, Women Against Military Madness, Military Families Speak Out, Welfare Right Committee, Minnesota Coalition for a People's Bailout, Coalition to March on the RNC and Stop the War, Twin Cities Peace Campaign, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, the Anti-War Committee, Students for a Democratic Society and Iraq Vets Against War Minnesota Chapter.

Video of speakers from the event