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Progressive Students of Milwaukee Protest the McCain/Palin Agenda

by Daniel Ginsberg |
September 9, 2008
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Protesters with banner, "Fund education not occupation"
Progressive Students of Milwaukee protest McCain / Palin campaign stop in Cedarburg, WI, September 5, 2008 (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Cedarburg, WI - One day after the protests against the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Sept. 5, members of the Progressive Students of Milwaukee caught wind that Republican presidential and vice-presidential candidates John McCain and Sarah Palin, were headed to Cedarburg, Wisconsin, a Republican stronghold town of 11,000, for a rally.

Following through with a commitment to bring truth about the McCain/Palin agenda to the people, ten university students from Milwaukee drove up to protest the event, taking with them a number of signs and a banner that read, “Fund education, not occupation.”

There were police at every corner and a double row of fencing surrounded the event. Snipers held rooftop positions and a Secret Service agent approached the students within minutes of them arriving to town. The Republican police state had arrived in small town America.

The students marched down the street despite the official hostility to protesters. They eventually stood with their banner propped up behind the walled-off rally area near the press tent. The students later appeared on two local TV channels and three radio stations, expressing their dissatisfaction with McCain and Palin’s support for the wars and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and the downturn in the economy.