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The RNC Protests - What happened and what can we learn?

by staff |
September 15, 2008
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Fight Back News Service urges our Twin Cities area readers to attend this event on the anti-war RNC protests, sponsored by Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Join us for a DISCUSSION on the RNC PROTESTS
Saturday, September 20 at 2:00 p.m.
at the Brian Coyle Center
420 15th Ave S, Mpls
(one block west of Cedar & Riverside intersection; one block from Cedar-Riverside Light Rail station)

What happened and what can we learn from it? Were the protests successful? Why or why not? What was your experience? How do we stay organized? What about the ongoing legal battle and the struggle for summation?

Activists in the Twin Cities organized against the RNC for up to two years. When the RNC came, we had the largest anti-war protest this year on Sep 1, direct action blockades, great political music, other marches and creative protests, police raids, thousands of riot police creating a police state-type atmosphere in St. Paul, teargas and pepper spray, and by the end of the week over 800 arrests (including terrorism-type charges against 8 people), with almost half of the arrests coming on Day 4 at the "No Peace for the Warmakers" march. Come share your thoughts about what we can learn from our protests and the state's reaction.

Event sponsored by Freedom Road Socialist Organization

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