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Anti-War Movement Says No to War and McCain

by staff |
June 20, 2008
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Several protesters with signs
Anti-war protest at McCain fundraiser (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Minneapolis, MN - Presidential candidate John McCain was met by 100 anti-war protesters and trade unionists at a fundraising event at the Minneapolis Hilton, June 19. The demonstration was organized by the Anti-War Committee.

Picketers outside the hotel delayed those attending the event. Speakers promoted the upcoming march on the Republican National Convention. In addition to calling for an end to the Iraq occupation, some protesters carried banners calling for an end to U.S. intervention in Colombia.

Anh Pham, an Anti-War Committee member, explained, “John McCain represents a continuation of the Bush administration's policies of war and misery in the Middle East and at home. We are calling for this protest to show McCain that he is not welcome in Minnesota - not now and not in September.”

Meredith Aby, also with the Anti-War Committee, said, “We hope that Minnesotans will take this opportunity to see the importance of challenging John McCain’s pro-war message and that this demonstration will help build for the massive anti-war march on Sept. 1 at the Xcel Center.”