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Minnesota's Governor Pawlenty: A Real Turkey

by staff |
December 2, 2007
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(Fight Back! News)

St. Paul, MN - Members of the Twin Cities based Welfare Rights Committee picketed at the governors mansion, Nov. 20 to, “put Governor Pawlenty on notice that, in the 2008 legislative session, we will fight his every attempt to take poor families’ money.” The protest had a Thanksgiving theme. A huge banner reading, “Hey Pawlenty! Stop gobbling up poor people’s money!” was fastened to the mansion’s wrought iron fence.

Minnesota faces a $373 million deficit and the governor is already talking about stealing welfare monies to balance the budget.

A statement from the Welfare Rights Committee noted, “For many of the politicians, other so-called ‘priorities’ like wars, stadiums or political maneuverings take precedence over the needs low income Minnesotans.”   

The growing U.S.-wide economic downturn has pushed state government into a budget crisis. During past budget shortfalls, politicians have attempted to push the burden of the crisis onto the backs of poor and working people. The Welfare Rights Committee has answered these attacks with demands and with legislative proposals to make the rich pay for the crisis and with resistance to all budget cuts to programs that serve low income people.