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PFLP warns against deceptive attempts to normalize with occupation

by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine |
October 13, 2007
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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement on the current situation in Palestine.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine warns against the attempts to normalize the relationship with the occupier under deceptive slogans

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine warns against the attempts to normalize the relationship with the Zionist entity under false slogans and with objectives that cannot be called anything but defeatist. It calls upon all forces and personalities that are participating in the event in Jericho on October 18, 2007, not to fall into the Israeli agenda, and for them to protect their history and the history of their struggle and to present a unified Palestinian position on the question of normalization with the occupier.

The PFLP stated in a press release: “At a time when the Israeli aggression continues against our cities, villages, and camps in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the continuation of the siege of starvation on the Gaza Strip, at these times, we notice some voices in the Palestinian political scene who take it upon themselves to implement the Israeli slogan that says 'normalization first' through this festival and Jericho and Tel Aviv under the slogan of ‘One Million Voices.’ Such event will justify the Israeli racist policies that have been committed against our people since 1948, and which have produced their hegemony on all of our national soil by force.”

The PFLP reaffirmed its opposition to such events and meetings because of their heavily destructive impact that will be imposed upon the justice of the Palestinian national struggle. Such events legitimize occupation and settlements and ignore our right to return.

The PFLP further notes that these attempts precede the upcoming so-called peace conference in Washington, DC, and are merely one cycle in a series of events designed to legitimize occupation and the project of normalization with the occupier, and further calls upon all international forces and people of conscience to be aware of and reject all such attempts, and to instead stand with the Palestinian people in rejecting normalization and occupation, and to join hands to fully support the Palestinian national cause and the full implementation of Palestinian national rights.

October 10 , 2007