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New SDS National Convention

by Eric Gardner |
August 9, 2007
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Detroit, MI - The new Students for a Democratic Society has just completed its second annual National Convention in Detroit. The convention, held on the campus of Wayne State University, spanned from July 27-30 and drew over 150 student and youth activists from around the United States.

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) was re-founded at the beginning of 2006 as a radical student group inspired by the 1960s organization of the same name. Since its founding dozens and dozens of chapters have sprung up independently around the country.

The convention was host to workshops, discussions and meetings that covered a wide range of topics - from anti-racism to worker solidarity to organizing against the war - but the primary emphasis of this year’s gathering was establishing a national organization that could guide the struggles of the coming year. Since its founding the new SDS has operated without any formal structure and local chapters have been totally independent. After several days of discussion and debate, the convention finally settled on a loose federation as the organizational model to use for the time being.

SDS is still a very new organization, but its strength and importance will continue to grow as more and more young people come to reject the policies of war and greed advanced by the U.S. government and start to demand a just and sustainable society instead.