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Palmera Heading for Second Trial

by staff |
December 18, 2006
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Washington D.C. - Ricardo Palmera, known in Colombia as Simon Trinidad, is going on trial for a second time on Mar. 26, 2007. The first trial resulted in a hung jury and Judge Hogan was forced to declare a mistrial. The U.S. prosecutors asked for a second trial after failing to win the first time.

In Judge Hogan’s courtroom, Dec. 14, the government defense team charged the Mar. 26 start date would not leave enough time to prepare for another trial, in which Palmera will face still other charges.

Tom Burke of the National Committee to Free Ricardo Palmera said, “Ricardo Palmera beat the U.S. government the first time, so now President Bush’s judge and prosecutor want a second chance. The White House is losing its undeclared war in Colombia and these trials are an act of desperation. Ricardo Palmera should not be on trial in the U.S. at all.”

Concerning the new trial dates Burke said, “We think our protests outside the court and our presence at the first trial had a big impact. Our victory in the first trial has created a lot more support and we will have a much larger protest in March. We are building a movement for peace and justice in solidarity with Colombia. Freedom for Ricardo Palmera is at the center of that.”