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Georgia Election Stolen, Elaine Brown Fights On

by staff |
November 14, 2005
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Brunswick, GA - Mayoral candidate Elaine Brown vowed to continue the fight for a fair and free election and to empower black people. Republicans and rich white developers stole this election here. Elaine Brown, a former Black Panther Party leader, now running with the Green Party, faced a calculated campaign of electoral intimidation and personal disenfranchisement.

Brown’s post-election press release stated: “Even though the racist, Republican-backed opposition to Elaine Brown’s campaign for mayor of Brunswick, Georgia, succeeded in removing her name from the Nov. 8 ballot - and taking away her right to vote! - a federal court judge, at the eleventh hour, on Nov. 7, ruled the local Board of Elections had to count her votes! In other words, Elaine had only hours to mount another campaign to convince blacks their votes for her would now be counted.”

“By then, of course, the majority-black population of Brunswick, slated to vote for Elaine and make her the City’s first black mayor, had already sat out the five-day advance voting period and really didn’t know or believe they could vote for Elaine on Election Day. Her name was still not on the ballot. So, black voter turnout was low, and the Republican-backed candidate was declared the winner,” the statement continued.

Brown plans a challenge in Federal Court with the aim of a new election.