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Elaine Brown Back In Election Fight

by Tom Burke |
November 7, 2005
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Brunswick, GA - In a dramatic turnaround, Elaine Brown is back in the mayor’s race here. Brown’s re-entry as a write-in candidate was announced on the eve of election day, following a judge’s court ruling in her favor. Brown, a former leader of the Black Panther Party, is running a campaign to see the development of Brunswick’s port to benefit all the residents. Brunswick is a majority Black town where there has never been a Black mayor. Candidate Brown was kicked off the ballot in an election fraught with dirty tricks, reminiscent of the Old South. Rich white developers and Republican Party hacks are working overtime to keep Brown from being the people’s choice.

A Brown for Mayor press release said: “In Federal Court today, Judge Anthony Alaimo ordered the Glynn County Board of Elections to count the write-in votes for mayoral candidate Elaine Brown.”

Brown had been disqualified as a candidate by the Board of Elections last month and removed from the ballot.  The Glynn County Superior Court had upheld the Board’s decision.

However, in the United States District Court today, Judge Alaimo ruled that write-in votes for Elaine Brown had to be counted pending a trial on the merits.

While this ruling does not address the advance voting period, where more than 300 voters were told their votes for Brown would not count, she will contest the outcome of the election.