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1500 Join Minneapolis Protest to Demand, “U.S. Out Now!”

by Alan Dale |
March 23, 2005
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Minneapolis, MN - On Saturday, Mar. 19 over 1500 people participated in a Minneapolis anti-war demonstration, under the call, “ U.S. troops…out now!”

The demonstration was set to coincide with the second anniversary of the start of the U.S. war in Iraq.

Over 800 protests and other events had been planned around the U.S. for the weekend of Mar. 19 and 20 to show opposition to the continuing war.

At the Minneapolis protest, people gathered downtown in Loring Park. After a few speakers there was a march that covered several major streets.

Members of Veterans for Peace carried homemade black caskets inscribed with the names of U.S. GIs who have died in Iraq.

The Twin Cities based Anti-War Committee carried a banner slamming the occupations of Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan.

An indoor rally concluded the event.

A statement issued by the Iraq Peace Action Coalition, the initiating group, said, “The turnout shows that the sentiment against the war in Iraq is growing. The war was never fought over concerns for weapons of mass destruction, or terrorism, but to guarantee U.S. control of the oil resources of Iraq and the entire region.”

“The U.S. occupation must end and the troops brought home!” the statement continued.

Many people in the protest commented that people driving by the park and who saw the march responded positively to the anti-war message.

A broad range of organizations endorsed the protest, including AFSCME Local 3800, several church bodies and student groups, as well as peace and anti-war groups.