Thursday June 8, 2023
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BY staff | Saint Paul, MN | 9/25/13
Members of the Welfare Rights Committee (WRC) ‘huddled’ in front of Governor Mark Dayton’s mansion Sept. 25.
BY staff | Saint Paul, MN | 1/12/12
It was a big day for Vikings owner and New Jersey real estate developer Zygi Wilf at the State Capitol, Jan. 12, when plans were submitted by the City of Minneapolis, Ramsey County and others for a new Vikings football stadium.
BY staff | Saint Paul, MN | 12/08/11
“There should be no public funds used, from any source, to pay for a rich man’s stadium,” said the Minnesota Coalition for a People’s Bailout’s Linden Gawboy, testifying at a Dec. 6 state Senate committee hearing.
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