Tuesday December 7, 2021
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BY Saladin Muhammad | North Carolina | 2/17/11
Resistance in the U.S. to attacks on the public sector is growing. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is unleashing a major assault, seeking to take away collective bargaining rights from state and possibly all public sector workers, including threatening to call out the National Guard against worker resistance.
BY Bryan G. Pfeifer | Wisconsin | 2/14/11
On behalf of the banks, corporations and the Pentagon, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has declared all-out war on unions and their allies in the badger state. Walker’s “budget repair bill” proposal that he unveiled at a state capitol press conference Feb. 11 proposes to virtually eliminate collective bargaining for approximately 175,000 public-sector union members. Walker has submitted his proposal to the Wisconsin legislature with the directive that he wants his bill passed in the Assembly and the Senate by Feb. 17.
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