Monday December 6, 2021
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BY Charla Schlueter | Los Angeles, CA | 3/04/10
The fight for public education at UCLA began early this morning, March 4.
BY Eric Gardner | Los Angeles, CA | 11/20/09
Students from all over the state of California gathered at the University of California regents meeting on UCLA campus Nov.19. They were there to protest proposed fee hikes.
BY Brad Sigal | Twin Cities, MN | 8/01/05
“After our strike two years ago, we were ready to sit down and negotiate a good contract this year. But U of M management started off by undermining our negotiating committee and attacking me as local president because we have stood up for our members and for justice,” said Phyllis Walker, president of AFSCME Local 3800 and co-chair of the Clerical and Health Care workers’ negotiating committee.
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