Wednesday October 28, 2020
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BY staff | Chicago, IL | 3/11/16
Thousands of protesters are rallying against Donald Trump tonight, March 11, on the campus of the University of Illinois (UIC).
BY Joe Iosbaker | Chicago, IL | 3/09/16
Donald Trump is bringing his hate tour to the West Side of Chicago this Friday, March 11, with an evening rally at the campus of the University of Illinois (UIC).
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BY Dave Schneider | United States | 3/04/16
A couple weeks ago, one of my coworkers and I started talking politics near the end of our shift. With the 2016 presidential primary in full swing, the election is now the topic of choice in our break rooms, box lines and union meetings.
BY Fabian Van Onzin | Houston, TX | 2/26/16
Hundreds of University of Houston students protested at the Republican candidates debate, which was held on campus Feb. 25.
BY Fabian Van Onzin | Houston, TX | 2/20/16
On Feb. 25, the Republican candidates debate will take place at the University of Houston (UH). As part of their Dump Trump campaign, Students for a Democratic Society held a Trump piñata bash on campus, Feb. 19.
BY staff | Arlington, TX | 2/13/16
The Progressive Student Union at the University of Texas, Arlington (UTA) held a Dump Trump Piñata Bash, Feb. 9, to protest the presidential candidate's racism and xenophobia.
BY Katherine Draken | Tallahassee, FL | 2/13/16
On Feb. 10, students at Florida State University (FSU) took turns hitting piñatas made in the image of 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.
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BY Fabian Van Onzin | Houston, TX | 2/10/16
A Republican debate is scheduled for the University of Houston on Feb. 26. In response, Students for a Democratic Society are calling for a protest to “Dump Trump!”
BY Tom Burke | Grand Rapids, MI | 12/23/15
Wall Street politician Donald Trump was expecting a friendly reception at the Deltaplex Arena on the outskirts of a Grand Rapids industrial park.
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BY Fight Back! Editors | Milwaukee, WI | 11/08/15
The following statement from Fight Back! will be distributed at the Nov. 10, Milwaukee protest at the Republican presidential debates. The demonstration will take place at 5:30 pm outside the Milwaukee Theater, 500 W. Kilbourn Avenue.
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