Saturday October 16, 2021
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BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 9/25/10
Fight Back! News Service is circulating the following video from The UpTake, which reports on a community meeting in Minneapolis in response to the FBI raids on antiwar activists across the country Sep. 24, 2010.
BY Sarah Chambers | Chicago, IL | 9/22/10
The energy was high at Whittier Elementary’s la casita, as the parents and their children prepared for another vigilant night to protect their field house from demolition, Sept. 20.
BY Network to Fight for Economic Justice | Washington, D.C. | 9/21/10
The Network to Fight for Economic Justice (NFEJ) is calling on all affiliates and supporters to rally for Jobs, Education, Peace and Equality, on October 2nd in Washington D.C. Initiated by the NAACP and labor unions, along with hundreds of progressive organizations, this rally promises to be powerful.
BY Freedom Road Socialist Organization | United States | 9/10/10
The Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) denounces the planned burning of the Qur’an by a racist and reactionary church in Gainesville, Florida. We are outraged. Our organization is united with others, determined to stop this evil act with all the means available. We promise to do all in our power to shut down the Qur’an-burning by Terry Jones and his Dove Church
BY staff | Gainesville, FL | 9/08/10
Fight Back! interviewed Justin Wooten from the Gainesville Area Students for a Democratic Society about the upcoming protest against the burning of the Qur’an in Gainesville, Florida on Sept. 11.
BY Daniel Ginsberg | Milwaukee, WI | 7/23/10
25 student and anti-war activists from Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and Minneapolis attended the Freedom School, a one-day study hosted by the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO).
BY staff | Detroit, MI | 6/23/10
Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) has an exciting presence here at the U.S. Social Forum (USSF). FRSO members from around the country have helped to organize and are participating in workshops.
BY staff | Detroit, MI | 6/15/10
Supporters and friends of Fight Back! are building towards the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit on June 22-26.
BY David Hungerford | Newark, NJ | 4/17/10
Community forces here, led by the United Front to Defend Public Education (UFDPE) are opposing funding cutbacks and the privatization of public schools. There have been marches and rallies, speakers at public forums and literature distribution to oppose the cutbacks.
BY staff | Haiti | 1/14/10
More than 100,000 Haitians are dead. People are buried alive under houses and workplaces that collapsed. The people of Haiti are suffering without clean water, food, and housing. Nearly every family has lost a loved one. We are asking you to donate to a group that builds people to people ties and seeks peace with justice.
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