Tuesday March 28, 2023
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BY Andrew Josefchak | Caracas, Venezuela | 3/23/23
It has now been more than 1000 days since Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab was first kidnapped by the U.S. government on the island of Cabo Verde, off the west coast of Africa. Since then, he’s been subjected to physical, psychological and chemical torture and moved to a federal detention center in Miami, Florida.
BY Drake Myers | Caracas, Venezuela | 3/16/23
On March 4 a member of the Minnesota Anti-War Committee visited the Feria Conuquera Agroecológico (Agroecological Small Farmer's Market) in Caracas’ Caobos Park and interviewed activist and biologist Giselle Perdomo.
BY staff | New Orleans, LA | 3/15/23
On March 11, protesters took to the streets to demand the release of Venezuelan diplomat and political prisoner Alex Saab.
BY staff | Caracas, Venezuela | 3/04/23
Friday, March 3 was the first day of an international anti-imperialist conference in Venezuela held to commemorate the legacy and continuing struggle of the late Venezuelan President and leader of the Bolivarian Revolution Hugo Chavez.
BY staff | Caracas, Venezuela | 3/02/23
The Freedom Road Socialist Organization delegation to Venezuela visited downtown Caracas, March 2, and spoke with working-class Venezuelan people. Delegation members include Chicano activist Carlos Montes, student organizer Enya Silva and anti-police crimes activist Omar Flores.
BY staff | Caracas, Venezuela | 3/02/23
On March 1, a Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) delegation landed in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas.
BY Tom Burke | Chicago, IL | 1/08/23
2022 was a banner year for the Venezuelan economy.
BY staff | Miami, FL | 12/27/22
A Miami judge ruled against freedom for Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab on December 24.
BY staff | Miami, FL | 12/12/22
Nearly 30 international solidarity, peace and justice activists packed into a crowded courtroom at the Wilke Ferguson Federal Courthouse in downtown Miami on the morning of Monday,
BY staff | Miami, FL | 12/08/22
An important hearing takes place on Monday, December 12 in the case of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab.
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