Friday January 21, 2022
| Last update: Tuesday at 7:06 PM

Janitors Vote to Authorize Strike in Minneapolis

by Brad Sigal |
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SEIU 26 janitors vote "yes" to authorize a strike (Fight Back! News/Staff)
A member of the negotiating committee speaks at the strike vote meeting

Minneapolis, MN - On Jan. 30, hundreds of janitors, mostly Latino and East African immigrants, held a spirited meeting at the Minneapolis Labor Center and voted nearly unanimously to authorize a strike. When the strike vote was taken, the multinational crowd chanted and held up signs reading "Yes! Sí! Haa! Ee! Oui!" ('Yes!' in English, Spanish, Somali, Oromo and Amharic). With the strike authorization vote, the workers can now strike if the union’s negotiating committee decides a strike is necessary to win their demands.

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