Friday June 25, 2021
| Last update: Thursday at 10:00 PM

Gainesville students protest police shooting

by Jared Hamil |
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Community members speak out on the University of Florida campus before marching over to the Board of Trustees meeting. (Allan Brooks)

Gainesville, FL - Over 400 angry protesters - a coalition of students, local residents and university professors - rallied and marched to protest the racist police shooting of Kofi Adu-Brempong.

Adu-Brempong is an international graduate student from Ghana who was shot in the face by a University of Florida policeman. After receiving a call from a neighbor concerned that Adu-Brempong was screaming, due to stress over his studies and his immigration status, campus police stormed his apartment, tased him three times and then shot him in the face with an assault rifle.

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