Tuesday May 11, 2021
| Last update: Tuesday at 6:51 PM

SDS joins over 10,000 protesters to demand end to attack on Wisconsin public employees

by Rachel Matteson |
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From inside the capital, workers on the job supported the rally by displaying a sign of "SOLIDARITY!" through the window for protesters to see. (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Madison, WI - On Feb.15, students and workers from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee traveled to Madison to join the tens of thousands of others protesting to demand an end to Governor Scott Walker's attack on Wisconsin employees. On Feb. 11, Walker proposed his 'budget repair bill' which would eliminate collective bargaining for nearly 175,000 public-sector union members to fill a $136.7 million budget deficit. In response, over 10,000 workers and supporters stormed the capitol in Madison.

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