Protest for Casey Goodson Jr., shot in the back, killed by Ohio cop

By Jake Wells |
December 14, 2020
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Ohio protest demands justice for Casey Goodson Jr.
Ohio protest demands justice for Casey Goodson Jr. (Fight Back! News/staff)

Columbus, OH - A crowd of 500 people took to the streets of Columbus, Ohio on December 11 to protest the police killing of Casey Goodson Jr. Hundreds of young people, led by Goodson’s family, marched through the streets carrying signs and surrounded the Ohio Statehouse.

The march stopped in front of the Statehouse on South High Street long enough to shield protesters who painted a large mural on the street surface. Impassioned speakers addressed the gathering crowd. Police presence was heavy, as riot police staged in the surrounding buildings. However, the demonstration remained largely uninterrupted.

Tamala Payne, Casey Goodson’s mother, described his death, “Casey was executed going into our home and his body fell into the house.” Franklin County Deputy Jason Meade shot Goodson in the back three times, leaving his keys hanging in the door to his home.

The “Accountability and Transparency Now for Casey Goodson Jr.” protest was organized with the blessing of Casey Goodson’s family and friends.