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Wisconsin FRSO condemns April 7 election farce

Only 5 places to vote in Milwaukee
By staff |
April 8, 2020
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Milwaukee, WI - Wisconsin Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) spokesperson Ryan Hamann blasted the April 7 statewide election, stating, "Wisconsin FRSO condemns the forced vote in the midst of a global pandemic. Despite the CDC recommendations that people stay home as much as possible and avoid any kind of mass congregation, legislators in Wisconsin and members of the U.S. Supreme Court determined that did not apply when it came to voting in a presidential primary.”

Hamann continued, “Meanwhile, the city of Milwaukee, populated by nearly 700,000 people, cut polling stations by 99%, from 180 to five. Under normal conditions, we've seen inconvenience effectively weaponized across the country by reactionaries to disenfranchise people, particularly oppressed nationalities. What's more is that Milwaukee is a city with a Black plurality. Due to generations of systemic oppression, across the U.S. generally, but in Milwaukee in particular, Black people find themselves in many of the high-risk health categories that make the coronavirus deadly. Despite making up just 40% of the total population, Black people have made up over 80% of coronavirus deaths in Milwaukee.”