Asarco strike nears day 100

By Jim Byrne |
January 19, 2020
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Tucson, AZ - The nearly 2000 workers represented by eight unions at Asarco mining operations will soon reach Day 100 of their strike. This comes as a result of years of Asarco failing to offer a new contract, raise wages, or even negotiate. That is why back in October, these unions filed for an Unfair Labor Practice strike on the copper corporation.

Since then, the picket line at the five operations, four in Arizona, one in Texas, has been held solid by Teamsters, Steelworkers and other trade unionists. Besides the picket line, there have been press conferences, demonstrations outside the Mexican consulate, protests outside Asarco’s office, a disruption of the Mining Association’s meeting by workers, and plenty of community outreach.

Recently, the strikers have met with a California legislator who has been close to the USMCA trade deal that Trump is pushing. On the opening day of the Arizona legislature, January 13, strikers took to the capitol to push their cause to state lawmakers who can enforce rules and regulations that Asarco is not following.

“It is clear a pressure campaign to shame this greedy corporation is necessary,” said Steelworker strike captain Eduardo Placencio.