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Getting ready in Houston for hurricane Harvey

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August 26, 2017
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Fight Back! intervened Houston resident Lilli Ana Castrillon, late in the evening, Friday, August 25 about the approaching hurricane Harvey.

Fight Back!: It is Friday at 11 p.m. in Houston. How is the weather? What is likely to happen?

Lilli Ana Castrillon: "It is raining hard and the wind is very, very strong. It has been this way for four hours now. I believe flooding is going to be all over this part of Texas for the next few days."

Fight Back!: Harvey is a category 4 hurricane that just reached land in Texas. What are you and other people doing to prepare for this?

Castrillon: "We have supplies; lots of water, candles, food, etc. Enough for the next few days. The place I'm staying is relatively safe. Lots of people have evacuated. We lost power around 8:30 p.m. We can see the floods already."

Fight Back!: Do you remember when hurricane Katrina refugees were forced to live in the Astrodome?

Castrillon: "Yes it was awful. People went thru a lot. I have a friend that was a reporter for Univision. He said that it was like a refugee camp in a war zone. My friend said it was really, really bad and he could not believe what he was seeing there. Then Barbara Bush, President George W. Bush's mother, said that after all, the people from New Orleans were much better off there because they didn't have much anyway.