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PFLP salutes Palestinian people in Occupied Palestine ’48 confronting continuing Nakba

By Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine |
January 29, 2017
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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following Jan. 28 statement form the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine salutes the Palestinian people in occupied Palestine ’48, commending the participation of thousands in marches of anger against the racist Zionist practices against them, including the policy of home demolitions and land confiscation, and saluting their steadfastness in front of regimes of deportation and displacement.

The Front stated that this once again affirms that our people who are living on and defending 78 percent of the occupied Palestinian land are determined to continue the struggle against the Zionist racism against them and affirm their Arab and Palestinian identity against Zionist projects of Judaization, land confiscation, home demolitions, destruction of neighborhoods and displacement of Palestinian Arab citizens.

Furthermore, the Front noted that the continuing Zionist crimes, including the invasion of Umm al-Hiran, demolishing homes, killing one Palestinian and injuring dozens more as they shot protesters, are a declaration of ongoing war and systematic Zionist policy of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people. The essence of the Zionist policy is that of racist settler colonialism, governing all practices of the Zionist state towards the Palestinian people, and must be confronted with broader unity and struggle. We salute and mourn the martyr Yacoub Abu al-Qian, shot down in cold blood and then vilified by the occupier.

The Front notes the quality of mass participation of the Palestinian masses, including various intellectual, political, youth and women’s groups, in angry marches organized in most villages and towns, facing all forms of intimidation, threats, attacks and arrests and embodying a unified position of struggle challenging the occupation and its racist laws and emphasizing their deep commitment to remaining rooted on the land.

Furthermore, the statements of Zionist officials labeling the Palestinian people a “clear security threat” are attempts to justify the crimes committed against them. International action is necessary to stop the ethnic cleansing against our people through various racist laws and practices.

The PFLP emphasizes the importance of supporting the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in Occupied Palestine ’48 at all levels, as an integral part of the struggle of the Palestinian people; the struggle to confront the Zionist racist laws is part and parcel of our people’s struggle to achieve our national rights and national liberation.