Twin Cities peace activists say no to U.S. military attack on Syria

By staff |
August 28, 2013
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Twin Cites protest against plans for war on Syria.
Twin Cites protest against plans for war on Syria. (Fight Back!News/Staff)

Minneapolis, MN - About 70 peace activists in the Twin Cities protested against the growing danger of a new U.S. military intervention in Syria, Aug. 28, at the Marshall Avenue-Lake Street bridge peace vigil.

Meredith Aby, of the Minnesota Anti-War Committee, explained the reason for the action call: “News reports indicate that the U.S. is preparing a military intervention in Syria. Despite the majority of people in the U.S. being against new wars and interventions, the talk of military involvement in yet another war is growing. U.S. military intervention will not bring peace and justice to a people already devastated by war.”

Aby continued, “Today President Obama gave a speech commemorating the March on Washington, but in reality Martin Luther King Jr. would be with us – protesting war threats on Syria. Dr. King knew that U.S. military inventions do not help people at home or abroad.”

Marie Braun, of Women Against Military Madness, was the first speaker to the crowd of supporters. She said, “While the administration says they are not seeking regime change, we know that similar claims were made at the outset of the NATO intervention in Libya. And these so-called limited military actions have a habit of spiraling out of control with unexpected
consequences that can lead to massive escalation. There is no military solution in Syria. Expanded U.S. military intervention in Syria will not lead to peace, justice or democracy for the Syrian people. It can only lead to greater civilian death toll, more refugees and further destabilization in the region.”

The Women Against Military Madness End War Committee and the Twin Cities Peace Campaign sponsor the weekly peace vigil. The call for the Aug. 28 vigil to speak out against a U.S. war in Syria was endorsed by the Anti-War Committee, Minnesota Peace Action Coalition, Veterans for Peace and others.