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Ex U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald hit by protest challenging his grand jury

By staff |
January 20, 2013
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Protest slams ex U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald
Protest slams ex U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Chicago, IL - More than a dozen activists protested outside the Hyatt Regency hotel here, Jan. 20, while inside former U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald received an honorary degree from the John Marshall Law School.

Fitzgerald was the architect of a Chicago-based grand jury targeting Palestine solidarity and anti-war activists. 23 activists were called to appear in front of the grand jury after the Sept. 24, 2010 FBI raids that targeted many groups, including the Twin Cities Anti-War Committee, the Palestine Solidarity Group, the Colombia Action Network, Students for a Democratic Society, and Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Protesters condemned the McCarthy-like witch hunt organized by Fitzgerald and leafleted the crowd at the graduation ceremony. The Committee Against Political Repression impressed upon the graduates entering the ceremony that the former U.S. Attorney should be remembered as a bully and an enemy of civil liberties.

Activists vowed to protest Fitzgerald at his new post on the Illinois Board of Trustees. “He will not be able to hide from his attacks on the anti-war movement. We will make sure that people know Fitzgerald’s grand jury attacks are still opposed by the community in Chicago,” said Joe Iosbaker, a member of Committee Against Political Repression.