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Legalization Now! Rally in Washington D.C. March 21, 2010

Commentary by Carlos Montes |
March 18, 2010
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Carlos Montes at the We Say Fight Back conference
Carlos Montes. (Fight Back! News/Staff)

On to D.C. on March 21! Thousands of immigrants, supporters and activists will rally in Washington D.C. It’s time to demand legalization now for the 12 million undocumented in the U.S. The rally is important because it draws attention to the increased suffering of the millions of immigrants, especially those from Mexico and Central America. It comes at an important time where immigration reform legislation is being discussed in the U.S. congress. The rally will put pressure on President Obama and the U.S. congress to take action now - this spring - we cannot wait another year.

The March 21 Immigrant Rights rally in Washington D.C. must be supported by all of us. We need to express solidarity with the immigrants rights movement and build unity among working-class people.

The suffering of immigrants continues, with millions living underground in fear that the next knock on the door, police checkpoint or call to the boss’s’ office will bring arrest, confiscation of property or firing. On top of this, undocumented workers are up against the increased unemployment or underemployment caused by the economic crisis.

Mass firings continue due to the U.S. Homeland Security ICE sanctions on employers. ICE raids, detentions and deportations continue to separate immigrant families. The use of section 287(g), which allows for ICE collusion with local police departments, brings more repression and fear.

The demands for the D.C. rally call for immigration reform now. We need to insist on full legalization, along with stopping the repressive ICE actions.

Join the thousands converging on D.C. this weekend or join an action in your local city.


Carlos Montes is a veteran activist in the Chicano liberation movement and a leader of the immigrant rights movement.