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Send Holiday Greetings to Ricardo Palmera

by Mick Kelly |
December 12, 2006
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Colombian revolutionary Ricardo Palmera will spend the upcoming holiday season in a jail outside Washington D.C. The FARC leader will have no visitors. He is forbidden to see or talk with friends and family. The National Committee to Free Ricardo Palmera is urging everyone who is concerned about justice to send Palmera a holiday greeting card.

“It is important that people of goodwill break through the government-imposed isolation,” says Tom Burke of the National Committee to Free Ricardo Palmera. “Every message that Palmera receives is an act of protest. The government says Ricardo Palmera is a terrorist. In fact, he has devoted his entire life to fighting for the liberation of the Colombian people. He deserves support.”

Recently, the government prosecution of Palmera was handed a big setback when a Washington D.C. jury deadlocked and a mistrial was declared. The prosecution has announced it will go for a second trial. “Palmera and the movement to free him won the first round. We step up our work and win round two,” says Burke.

To send a holiday card or greeting to Palmera, use the following address:

Ricardo Palmera, c/o
Federal Public Defender for D.C.
Robert Tucker
625 Indiana Ave Suite 550
Washington DC 20004